19 March 2012

Doodles GALORE!

This is the penultimate pattern - or, should that be patterns, that I've submitted for a teaching position at Palmetto Tat Days.

Doodles - lotsa, lotsa doodles.  There are a few old ones but most are brand new.  From marine life to the high life (angels)!!!  If there are old ones there then they've been 'modernised'.

In fact there are 28 doodles.  After that I ran out of steam.  There might be two lessons of doodles if that's what's required.  All skills and a bit of 'trickery' are involved in these.  Total fun.  Fun to design and fun to tat too.

17 March 2012

Ewe and Lamb

Back to the Palmetto patterns and today I've got another animal to show you.  NOT smelly at all - well, not as bad as a skunk!!
Spring in the air and armed with a dose of mint sauce I present a Ewe and her lamb!!!

16 March 2012

A bit of a change

I'll get back to showing you the Palmetto patterns I've submitted tomorrow but today I wanted just to say that I'm darn FED UP with my Etsy shop becoming stagnant.

I know that in situations like this people run sales and gift thingies and stuff like that.  Well, not me.  I can't be bothered!!  So instead I've reduced prices on the bookmarks and have added some pendants.  I need a fresh start in there.  Call it a Spring clean if you like - much more interesting than doing a house Spring clean, eh?

As it's getting warmer (well some days) and I'm thinking of making some more roly poly tat bags  and poke proof pouches - do you think that's a good idea?  Below is a reminder of what they are for those who haven't seen them before.  Do people who have had them before think the removable strap is a good idea or should I make them 'integrated' in the design.  I only ask because I've never taken my strap off - in fact I don't think I've ever used it!!!

Any and all help would be very gratefully received - even if it is simply 'you're a daft old bat'!!!

15 March 2012

Ribbons galore

OK, now here's another of the patterns I've submitted for Palmetto.  

This came vaguely from the Christmas tree idea that I did earlier this year and which would also be included in the lesson.

I decided to try my hand at a ribbon for a tree decoration and that's what the top picture is.  BUT then with brain cell 3 working overtime I decided to make a smaller version as an awareness ribbon and even smaller ones as earrings!!!

This lesson would be 'pitched' at relatively new tatters.

14 March 2012

I've done it!!!!

I've done it - submitted my ideas.  So, this week I'm going to show you what I have sent to the Palmetto Tatters as lesson plans.
Today I'm showing you the skunk I'm offering.  I know a skunk isn't everybody's favourite animal but this one is quite cute (well I think that's not quite true - he's very cute)!!  His name is Smelly.  I'm not 'showing' him as a large picture for one simple reason - so that he can't be copied!!!

I'm not being mean but I am finding more and more that people are 'copying' from pictures and really that's 'not on'.  'Not cricket, old chap, not cricket'.  As the English would say!!!

Not claiming copyright as such but it's only one step away, isn't it?  It's not happened to me, I don't think but I've seen it in other places.  Anyway, as these are for Tat Days I think it's fair too.   I suppose this could be called a 'teaser'!!!

This came about last November when I was just starting in on the TIAS and a lady emailed me and asked me to do a skunk!!!!!  So you'll have to say a big thank you to Shirley for that!!!!

13 March 2012

More about pendants

Now as I said yesterday I'm addicted to making these!!!  Here are a collection of ones which I really ought to give away or sell on Etsy.  

Do you know what?  I think I might try and find time to list them this week - at a nominal price just to cover costs so that hopefully they'll go to good homes and fast!!!
I'll never be a business woman - I haven't got the 'je ne sais quoi' to do it!!!!  Here are the ones I'm talking about.

Can you see there are two colours of chains?  I'm wondering if I should give a choice or just 'wing it'?  Any ideas?

12 March 2012

A small confesion!

Just a small one which will prove something to you.  Not quite sure what but it may throw some light on my personality!!!  

I love making pendants.  No, that's not the confession - well, just part of it.  

I make them by tatting onto a small split ring finding and then add another (which then, of course) lies at right angles.  Now I make sure that this second one is large enough to put the clasps on one of my favorite necklaces through.

This is a lovely gold necklace that I've had for many years.  So, my big confession is that I have many pendants with just one chain!!!!
Here's the necklace with one of my (so far) favourite pendants on it!!!

10 March 2012

Sewn on!

Just to prove I can finish things off completely here's the tshirt edging sewn onto the right tshirt!!!    Yes, I have been known to sew onto the wrong one in the past!!!

Now this tshirt was a really, really cheap one I got in America last year but the quality is really good.  I've bought this brand before on our trips 'over the pond'.  Thing is, this really cheap shirt now looks slightly smarter for it's bit of tatting.  Well, I think so!!!

I used my very favourite thread to sew it on.  Well, let me clarify that.  It's my favourite for looks when I've used it but not my favourite for using!!!  Not easy to use is the invisible thread.  Why?  Well cause you can't see it - it's really invisible!!!!  A good light, plenty of cussing words and a firm word with myself and I can do it!!!!

I've teven atted with this thread before a few years ago - here's a link.  Not one of my favourite things to tat with!!!

9 March 2012

After HDT comes HWT

Have you ever tried HWT.  No, no, no, not HDT but HWT?  Hand Wound Threads.

It's one of my favourite threads.  You take two or three sewing weight threads and wind them on to a shuttle together.  Needs a bit of concentration so that they go on equally but well worth it.

So this is what happens when you use the three spools shown below.  The plain blue is a machine quilting thread which I bought in a tiny store in Cincinnati.  The one in the middle is Perfect Quilter (which, incidentally, Gina gave me many years ago on one of our outings) and the one on the right is Valdani which I bought from a UK supplier.

Now not even I would think normally of putting three such different variagated threads together but I think it WORKS!!!  See the bottom picture.

I find that three sewing weight threads HWT work out to a size 20.

This is another tshirt edging.  I've started sewing the last one onto the shirt so should be able to show you soon.

Oh, another goat arrived yesterday - 105.  Thanks Brigitte.

8 March 2012

An edging for a tshirt

I started this just around Christmas time as a 'pick up, put down' project.  One of those 'what shall I do now' projects when you've been working on something most of the evening, finished it and you're feeling tired and just need something to keep yourself awake until bedtime!!!!  

I used the 'Oh SO simple' edging as I know this off by heart now!!!!  When we took the car to the garage last week I remembered it and took it with me as we knew we had a three quarter hour wait for whatever it had to have done to 'be done'.  Now it's finished the next big obstacle is getting it sewn on to the tshirt!!!

Of course you can guess what thread I used - Lizbeth Pink Cocoa!!!

7 March 2012

Down memory lane!!!

More of my favourite earrings that I mentioned last week.

When I found the bath plugs I found these too - two more of my favourite pairs.  Most of the earrings got thrown out with the bath water, marriage, job and the house I lost but these seem to stick to me like that stuff that sticks to shovels!!!

I obviously used to wear strange earrings wherever I went and my dentist greeted me on one visit with the pair directly below.

The other pair were given to me by a five year old pupil.  I seem to have mislaid one of the pair so I took two photos of the one to show what it's capabilities were.  I used to wear one with the seat up (gentlemen only) and one with the seat down.  This time I've left the lid down on the one photo.  Modesty prevailed as it hasn't been cleaned in years!!!!

6 March 2012

Just to prove

I'm not a liar, liar pants on fire!!!  Here are the earrings I was telling you about in this post here.

If you look hard at the left one you can see that it says 1 1/2" too!!!!  I still have a HUGE soft spot for this pair!!!  Not that I think I'd wear them nowadays as I don't go to any posh parties anymore!!!

By the way - thanks to a few more people we now have 104 goats in the herd here!!!

5 March 2012


A week or two ago I had an email from Sherry (Ladyshuttlemaker) asking me to test tat something for her for her new book.  Now being as I was towards the end of sorting out 'stuff' to submit for Palmetto I said yes.

Well she sent the files and my heart dropped!!!  NOT a technique I've ever really given much time to or ever wanted to!!  Certainly NOT one that I've ever tried.    I've done the odd drawing for Georgia along those lines but never wanted to try it.  I really, really wished I'd not offered!!!!!  But, as I'd promised I had to give it a whirl.

Now Sherry's book is mostly based on EXCELLENT pictures with not too much text.  As you know I'm a 'gobby' sort of person and talk a lot.  A real challenge was this test tat.  

The result?  I'm now HOOKED on this technique and really enjoyed what I did with it.  Sherry's pictures/instructions are fantastic and by the time I did the second piece I was wondering why the OG had never wanted to do it before.  Part of the fascination for ME was the use of colour.  Well done, Sherry, you've got an OG converted to this technique and those patterns.  Not sure when the book will be out but I'll be in the queue.

This is what Sherry sent me as a 'thank you'.  WOWEEE - don't you just love the colours.  Zing a ding, ding.  You can find more in her Etsy shop here.  These two are called 'Bell Peppers' (on the left) and 'Rose Petals'

3 March 2012

Doodle flower

The final doodle for now is a flower like one.  Now I bet there are a few of you - well, hopefully one at least, who might remember I was working on several new doodles.  Yes I was - BUT they're now part of my submission for a teaching post at Palmetto Tat Days in September.  

IF I'm lucky enough to get a teaching position then they'll be on the CD they usually bring out.  Of course if I'm not selected you'll get them after the end of April.  BUT there might be a sneaky preview next week.

Amongst those ready to go are an ostrich, a peacock a penguin and a tiny, tiny gecko.  Well I'm prevaricating again - here's the link to today's doodle.

2 March 2012

Doodle LBP

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday but it was a 'hurried start' to the day.  

The cat had to go to the vet for her 'annual inspection' and we had to take the car to the garage in another town.  I'm very pleased to report that we DID get that in the right order and the cat didn't land up at the garage or the car at the vet's!!!  Sometimes I'm very impressed that between the two of us we do get it 'right'!!!

Today I've got one of the first things I did with a long beaded picot done using the technique that I now use all the time - to be found here.  What I LOVE about this technique is not only the lack of beads to add to the thread before starting but also the fact that you can decide what you want to put on the picots when you get there.  MUCH better for a ditherer like me who can never make up her mind.

Here it is in all it's 'glory'!!!

This could, of course, easily be an earring too!!!!  BUT I've put it on the doodle page for now!!

29 February 2012

Dog doodle

SHEEEEESH - can't believe I'm keeping this up!!!!

Introducing what I believe is a dog doodle.  Least I think that's what it originally started out to be some 30 years ago when it was one of my 'teaching aids'!!!  

I was known to appear in school with all sorts of things hanging from my ears - the tatting doodles were quite tame!!  Least the kids were happy to come to school to see what 'teacher' was wearing - anything to amuse the four/five year olds (and their parents).

I wore tea bags, dog biscuits, wrapped sweets, numerous Christmas decorations, adio tapes and anything that would hang from a pair of ear wires.  I think my best ever was turning up to a VERY posh party with a pair of bath plugs (marbled red) hanging from my ear lobes.  1 1/2" diameter ones - I've still got them somewhere too.

28 February 2012

Another doodle

I'm following (so far!!) my new blog policy of 'a doodle a day keeps the doctor away'!!!  Well, that's until I run out of doodles and/or steam!! Here's today's doodle.

Again it's another that's been floating around forever on my web page but I've now tidied it up and (hopefully!) made it easier to follow.

27 February 2012


So in the end after some suggestions I thought the best name for this design would be the Snickerdoodle Earring.  Thanks, Sue Anna.  That name really grabbed my imagination. 

So, I present you with the Snickerdoodle Earring!!!

I'm hoping that unless I get distracted I'll get the other doodles sorted out in the doodle section.  What's that saying?  Ah, I remember - 'a doodle a day keeps the doctor away'.

If you pop by there you'll see that I've moved a few things over from other places too.  I'm inunndated with doodles!!!

In fact I'll let you into a secret.  No I won't - another day, perhaps!!

25 February 2012

Look what I found

Look what I found yesterday - this is what I've been waiting for.

It's the call for teachers at Palmetto Tat Days in September.  I'm going to apply so wish me luck.

I've actually been working on patterns for just this event over the past few months so I'm almost ready to submit mine.  Well probably not 'almost ready' as you know what I'm like - I keep changing my mind all the time so the ones I've got ready now will probably change before I submit my application!!!!!

Shall I give you a clue as to what I'm submitting?  OK, here you go!!

24 February 2012

Would you buy it?

Would YOU buy a book with a very pretty cover but NO pictures of what is inside?

I've been buying books for more years than I care to remember.  Mostly, I'll admit, craft books and on the whole - tatting books.  I buy because I see a picture of something I'd like to make in it.  That's the way I have always done it.

I saw a very pretty looking Ebook (tatting, of course) recently in an online store and would love to buy it.  BIG problem is that there are absolutely no pictures of what's inside it.  Not one, ziltch, zero.  It says that there are 29 designs for motifs, doilies, bookmarks and jewellery.  It SAYS that it covers from beginners to advanced.  BUT there's nothing to tempt me by showing what sort of things are in it.

So to get more of an idea I contacted the seller asking for a picture or two to help me on my decision on whether to part with nearly £9.50 (almost $15.00) for an EBOOK - yes, an EBOOK so there's no postage involved.

The only help I've had from the vendor is that if I want to see what's in the book then I'll have to buy it!!!!  NO WAY, JOSE!!!  Would you buy it?

22 February 2012

One of the doodles.

Hey, all you TIAS'ers.  We've done it.  Thanks to Joanie in Tennessee we've now got 100 goats!!!  I'll keep quiet now about goats from now on BUT any that are still out there are VERY welcome to join the rest!!!  This has given me huge encouragement to do another next year.  Thank you everybody.

So this doodle will not go back into the doodle section!!  Why it ever got put there in the first place is beyond my comprehension!!

It's one of my favourite earrings and I've made literally dozens of them over the years.  I'm going to have to give it a name but I'm hopeless at naming stuff so wonder if anybody's got any suggestions?  Once it's 'named and shamed' it can go into the 'jewellery' section.

Why is it a favourite?  Well because of the many beads (only 8 on the shuttle thread, though) it holds it's shape.  I do stiffen them slightly as the diluted PVA that I use also protects them from dust and dirt.

This is a one shuttle and four rings design and so very easy to make too.

21 February 2012


First of all - we're nearly there.  98 goats in the field!!!!

Something that is impossible but would be WONDERFUL is a standardisation of the way we all write down patterns.  

When I started out on my adventure of 'writing stuff down' I did it the way I was reading it in pattern books 50+ years ago - as a kid I didn't question the way things were written.  Actually I found the old notebook with my orignal patterns in the other day (written, I guess, about 30 years ago) and here's one of the originals below.

Then when I started sort of seriously wanting to get rid of my ideas and inflict them on others I really looked at the various ways of writing down patterns.  I did a lot of research into how they were written down over the years too - must look it out sometime!!  I found that our 'modern way' isn't so modern after all.  Anyway, again I digress.

A few years ago when the Palmetto Tatters kindly allowed me to run rampant at Tat Days they decided to ask us teachers to use the standardisation that they'd come up with.  Mainly I think this was (I'm guessing here!!) to save on printing out everybody's notation - one sheet now covers all patterns taught.  GR8 idea - save our planet.  So I've taken to following their very welcome lead - here's a link should you wish to see it.

I am always tickled with the vsp (very small picot) being written in BIG CAPITAL letters (VSP) as it makes me smile.  I like my vsp to be written in very small letters because it is just a very small picot!!!

20 February 2012

What's next?

Before I start rambling - I've now got 94 goats in my herd!!  WHOOOPPPEEEEEEE.

While the TIAS was going on I've been quietly (yes, for those who know me - I can 'do' quiet) getting on with sorting out some of the 'stuff' on my web site.  Nope, I haven't changed anything yet but things are about to change!!

It's the 'doodle' section that's been 'bugging' me.  I did those doodles more years ago than I care to admit to!!!  So, I've taken on the enormous task of re-vamping it.

At the moment there are 13 doodles on there and not very well written at all - well, some of them.  So I started to look at them in depth.

Remember the doodles I was doing for Erin's shuttles here?  Well some of those were off the doodle page.  Having sort of 'jiggled around' with those I set off to get the drawings done.  

Then, DARN IT, that wretched brain cell popped up with more ideas!!!  Currently the roll call stands at just over 30.

My next big problem is how to put them on the pattern page and for that I need help!  Do I put one per page or put several.  How do I sort them?  I mean, does a gecko go with the angel or the turtle with the tiny man?  Come on all those other brains out there - what does an old goat do?!!?

18 February 2012

I'm a dozy mooooooo

I'm going to admit this publicly.  I'm a DOZY moo.  It's the solid truth too!!!

I work away at designing stuff and then forget what I've done!!! I have stuff on this computer that just has never got onto the web.  The joy for me is simply in getting things to look like a crazy idea that brain cell 3 has had - oh and in getting them 'just right'.  Once that's done I FORGET THEM!!!

I was contacted a few days ago by somebody who wanted a sheep pattern.  They'd seen one on my blog and when I looked through the blog I found it!!!  Completely forgotten I'd done it too!!!  How STUPID is that?

Well looking at the sheep (which I'm now finishing off - it only needed one final test tat) I remembered the 'no onion' ring smallies I was working on a few weeks ago.  So, here they are (now unforgotten!!).  First the owl, then the elephant and finally the pig!!

These three got 'converted' into bookmarks and are in the Etsy shop now.  Well, what do you do with a surplus of rampant, neglected and cross animals?

We now have 87 goats on the TIAS blog - thank you, Sunset and Carol for sending yours in.

16 February 2012

A tip

Without Gina I'm sorta lost and didn't know whether to hold back on posting for a few days or not. Then I thought 'what would Gina say' and she'd be all for going on.  We never discussed the 'what if's' of her illness but only her desire to go job hunting as soon as she got back to work (that's partly why she got her wig).  So, for this reason I think I'll carry on today - still with a very heavy lump of lead inside me where my heart should be.  So, here we go.

I'm always amazed at why little holes are always put through the middles of post shuttles and are also on bobbins too - at the top.  

Now you're going to think I'm bonkers (well, I guess you know that already) but they're pretty darn pointless I think.  Those holes, I mean.

If you look at the picture below you'll see what I mean.  I've seen people struggling to poke their thread through the hole to then tie a knot.  What an annoying thing to have to do.

Me?  I'm WAAAAYYY too lazy to do that!!! I simply make a loop in my thread with a slip knot.  Like this.
Put the shuttle (post) or bobbin into the loop and pull the slip knot closed.  Like this.
Then all you have to do is wind your shuttle/bobbin AGAINST the knot and it will stay tight and not slip.  When you've finished you pull the small tail that's left to open it again and you can slip the shuttle out.  There - Bob's your uncle!!!  Well, not my uncle and probably not yours either!!!  Actually I don't think I even know a Bob either.

15 February 2012


I had the saddest news yesterday.  My dear friend Gina (tattinggoddess) died on Monday.

Gina and I met online many years ago and I enjoyed her wonderful friendship.  We gossiped and exchanged ideas and eventually met at one of the early Palmetto Tat Days.  We didn't always agree on everything and she was always a calming influence when I got my knickers in a twist about things.

One year she and I met in Tennessee and she took me down to Tat Days and gave me a lift back to Cincinnati afterwards.  What a wonderful time I spent with her that weekend.  We met again a few years ago when she and Gale 'kidnapped' me for a day in Cincinnati.

Last July we met once more when she drove all the way from Lafayette to Cincinnati to spend a day with me again.  We hunkered down in her motel room after lunch and just talked and talked tatting!!!  She gave me the sweetest little RPL bell which you can see below.  She showed me lots of her work too which she kept in very well organised folders.  A wonderful afternoon.  This is the only photo either of us took where she has the backdrop of sunflowers.  That to me sums her up.  

Last September she hadn't appeared in my inbox for a few days so I sent her a message to say she was 'too quiet'.  She replied with the news about her fall at work and the subsequent finding of the cancer in her lung.  I went through that dreadful journey with her.  The down days and the good days.  The days when sleep was all she wanted and the days when she moved stuff round the house in her ongoing attempt to 'tidy things up'.  Sadly her new curtains will never be made now.

Sometimes she'd be up in the middle of 'her' night and would release comments on her blog which would land up in my inbox.  I'd hit reply to tell her to go back to bed.  That always amused her.  She was SO brave and SO positive and finally a few weeks ago came the good news - she was in remission.

Things were looking good a few weeks ago and Gina offered to test tat the goat for me.  I thought everything was going really well - and then ..........

Gina, I'll miss you SO, SO much.  My time in tat land will never be the same without you to gossip and giggle with.

14 February 2012

Now for public consumption!!

Suddenly remembered yesterday that I'd got two patterns which I did for Donna to use at Palmetto Tat Days last year and which hadn't yet got put on my web site!!!

I finally got a cooperative few moments out of brain cell # 3 and got them up there!!!

Here's here's the Star Motif and the OctoStarFlake 

13 February 2012

Back to normal?

Well, hopefully NOT!!!  I do hate 'normal'.  Mind, I'm not really sure what 'normal' is!!!  Just a quick additional note here before this scheduled post goes 'live'.  I have 80 goats and this old goat is dancing, dancing, dancing.  I don't think we'll get to the 100 but it doesn't matter as it was such fun and that's the main reason for doing it.

Today I have two links to give you.  First of all I'm pleased to announce that there's a new supplier of Lizbeth here in the UK.  Drum roll, please.  There.  You didn't want the link, did you?  SHEEEESH, do you expect me to do everything for you guys?!?!?  OK, here it is!!!  Now, the best part of this site is that the postage is FREEEEE.  How's that?  I do like free post and packing.  

I also finally got round to listing some more bookmarks in my Etsy shop.  I also put that lovely pendant in that I made a few weeks ago.  This one.

11 February 2012

Last of the I hate onion rings!!

Here he is - the last of the 'I HATE onion rings' revamps!!!  

Again I think I may 'convert' him into a bookmark although I'm not sure you can fit an elephant into a book!!!  Perhaps a BIG book!!!!

I finally made myself one of the Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It bookmarks for Christmas and must admit it's my favourite of all because it doesn't get lost and nor does the place in my book either!!!

So, that's my project for the next day or so - converting my six little critters into bookmarks.  I did put the price down on them just after Christmas but that didn't generate any sales.  Not to worry - it's not the end of the world!!!!

9 February 2012

A sad day

Yes today will be a sad day as it's the last of my TIAS 2012.  Please, pretty please with sugar on the top will you send in your country and any blog urls with the final day 12?  I'll 'harvest' the blog addresses and then eventually add them to my own main blog here and to my web site links too.  I'm intrigued (as so many of you are) to see where everybody lives too.  I'll number each entry so we can easily keep count too!!

I'm sure it'll keep me busy collecting goats (does that make me a goatherd?) over the next few days but after that there'll be a big gap in my life.  What will I do with it?  
First of all I must add the goat pattern to my web pages - in fact, I'll do it now.  Do you like his name?  I wonder who it's named after?  Any guesses?

8 February 2012

Something else I don't like

Am I becoming the 'grump of the year'?  I seem to be doing a lot of moaning lately!!!

Somebody suggested that the newly re-vamped onion ring owl, pig and elephant would benefit by using the Catherine Wheel Join.
Being the sort who always takes all suggestions seriously I set off to see if it was better.  Now I DON'T LIKE the CWJ.  It's time consuming and fiddly but I gave it my best shot (as my American friends say)!!! 

Well I wished I hadn't as it was dreadful.  I mean it sort of looks OK (picture on the left) but it really threw the pattern into a state.  You'll see I gave up on the one on the left with the CWJ - cut off in it's prime, even!!!!  The part that I did seemed to 'cup' even though I was SO careful to keep it lying flat by adjusting the chains all the time.  In fact it was just as bad as working the original onion ring!!!!  Grrrrrr.

I also realise that I actually like the definition that I get with the lock joins too.  Using the Lj gives a much firmer result to the finished piece too and I like that.

I love new techniques - well the ones that aren't 'restricted' by 'ownership' and I'm always happy to try things out but in this case the CWJ doesn't 'do' anything for this design - unless you know better - I'm always ready to take up a challenge!!

7 February 2012

More I HATE onion rings!!

Today is Day 11 of the Tat It And See and the link is here.

During the 'refurbishment' of these three small critters I've taken the liberty of changing the stitch counts and other odds and ends.  Well, actually, it's only really been the stitch count, I think!!!

I seem to gather lots and lots of things around tat corner and never quite know what to do with them after.  So I think this little guy will shortly be converted to a bookmark (one of the Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It ones) - just to give him something to do!!!  I'm going to make another just to check him out again!!!!

6 February 2012

More about the boxes

So after many starts and changes of mind I finally decided (as I was still in 'heart mode') to add hearts to the lids.  

Then came the 'thread hunt'.  I searched high and low for the 'right one' and in the end I used a number 40 variegated Lizbeth that somehow came home with me from America a few years ago!!!  Thank goodness it did as it's 'just right'.  I added a Madeira thread as a filament and to give it a bit of sparkle too.  I sewed the hearts onto a piece of fabric and then the inner part of the edging.  Then I used the same thread (invisible thread) to sew the outer part of the edging onto the edge of the box lids.  This has made the top sort of 'blend' into the original fabric.  I'm really pleased with them although they were VERY time consuming on the sewing front!!!

Next decision is what on this planet am I going to do with them?  I don't want them - they're of no interest now they're finished so I'm going to give this some thought. 

Anyway, enough rambling - here they are 'transformed' hopefully for the better!

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.