19 January 2013

Answer to the mess question!!!

Before I start today I just want to let anybody 'out there' who is taking part but hasn't sent in any pictures for the TIAS that if you're holding back for fear of privacy then please don't. 
I am very aware that some people don't want their names published and (as long as you tell me on each submission) then I will totally respect that. You could send in as just 'anonymous' or just invent a name for yourself. I NEVER pass on any email addresses to anybody unless asked to and then I would contact BOTH parties before doing it. I'm a great respecter of people's wishes.
Also even if English isn't your first language then please send things in - I use 'Google Translate'.

OK now for the answer to the mess I showed you here!!!  It's a hanky edging.  Actually there's a bit of a story behind this.  At the teacher's meeting before last Tat Days we were handed a goodie bag with some lovely goodies inside along with a handkerchief.  This had been added to the bag by Georgia (I think!) to become part of this year's scholarship fundraiser for 2013.  We were asked to add an edging to it - so I did!!!  The hanky is now back at Georgia's house for her to do whatever she's plotting with it.

18 January 2013

Day 3 now posted.

Well thankfully the TIAS is taking a lot of my time but I am still tatting - a bit.  

I'm finding it a bit hard to cope with dealing with comments and questions on two blogs at the same time!!!!!  I think I'll blog on this blog when I'm not putting a new day out.  Hope you understand.

So today I am just giving you the links to day 3 of the TIAS!!!!

First of all the cautious tatters who can find their link here.

Next for the intrepid tatters (you can change your status to cautious if you like) the link is here.

17 January 2013

Now what's this mess, I ask you!!!

Today it's Thursday (commonly known as gin and tonic day in this house!). I allow myself one on a Thursday but why that day I've no idea. I do have another sometimes over the weekend but Thursday is traditional!! OK, I'm rambling. Just meant to tell you that tomorrow I will put day 3 of the TIAS on the internet. We've already got over a hundred who have done day 1 and sent theirs in although that's not compulsory it's wonderful to see so many taking part. Thank you.

Go on, I DARE you to guess what this mess is. No, this isn't the TIAS but something else.

The TIAS is going SO well but you'll have to forgive me if I seem to take time getting to upload pictures and comments. There are many, many more people taking part this year, I think and I'm having such fun doing it. We should beat the goats which ended up being over 100.

15 January 2013

Two more hearts and TIAS day 2

Here are two links for Day 2 of the TIAS. This link is for the more cautious tatter who doesn't want to tackle a split chain. This link is for the intrepid tatter who doesn't mind the challenge!!! You can easily change your mind if the split chain doesn't work out and do a cut and tie if you like. I leave it to you. Help is at hand if you want it and my email address can be found at the side of the blog.

Also more of the hearts with buttons on. Am I obsessing over these now? I don't think so - just need more odds and ends to put in my 'just in case' or 'just because' box. This is a box of these sorts of odds and ends that I can turn to when I want to give somebody something. I call them 'just because' gifts. No occasion or obvious reason but 'just because' I want to give them something.

14 January 2013

I've been meaning to

First of all - tomorrow will be Day 2 of the Tat It And See so I'll be up early - well early for an oldie like me!!!!

I've been meaning to do this pattern again for ages but not on a cabone ring.

First of all I tried to make a simple middle for it but one which would allow an easy 'progress' from there to the split rings on the inner round.  No luck.  Then I decided to try it replacing the joins to the cabone ring with beads.  It actually works REALLY well just like that!!!  Maybe I'll have another go - another day but who knows!!!

I'd also got a weeeeee bit of thread left on a couple of shuttles that I'd been using for a design idea so as there wasn't enough to make anything big out of I decided to have a go at one of these emotitats.  Maybe I'll move them to the doodle page as they're really useful for the odd bits left on shuttles.  This is my favourite one for obvious reasons!!!  I LOVE smiling and making others smile!!!

12 January 2013

Tat It And See

Just a quick post today to say that I'm thrilled with the start of the TIAS.  26 people had already done Day 1 before I went to bed last night.  
I will leave it until Tuesday for Day 2 to be posted as quite a few people have written to say they're busy over the weekend.   I hope that's not going to upset too many who are raring to go on the next part!!!!

I've nothing really to show today as I don't get as much done while the TIAS is progressing but that's a good thing sometimes.  I spent most of yesterday morning helping a neighbour find her dog which had escaped and another to fill in a form.  ANY excuse not to get the hoovering done.   I'm pleased to report it did get done eventually.  Now you know what rubbish I talk when I'm not talking knots!!!!

11 January 2013

Hearts on buttons 2

Just another of the hearts with beads on top of the button.  This time I've used my favourite colour on the outside of this one.  Khaki.  This shade goes with EVERYTHING but I'm almost at the end of the ball.  I think it's a now defunct Manuela one.  So sad when your favourite colour runs out.

Sob, sob, sigh, sigh!

10 January 2013

Hearts on buttons 1

Don't forget - tomorrow's the start of the TIAS 2013.  Here's the link to the TIAS blog where day 1 will be posted.  OK, so I'll put the links up here too - IF I remember!!!

So, a few days ago I wanted something different to do!!  I'm working on a new project at the moment which should be ready soon.  It was requested just before Christmas when I put out an appeal for ideas but more than that I'm not telling until I'm happy with it!!!  

This is a heart that I did ages ago but I wanted to just play!  After my experience with the Fandango snowflake and beads on buttons this also seemed a good 'candidate' for experimentation!!!  Here's one!

9 January 2013

Doily finished

Here it is - finished!!  Must admit I enjoyed making my first doily in years.  Well, apart from my one attempt to design one myself!!!!  

One or two people knew straight away which doily I was doing and here's the link to my previous post on it!!!

So, I won't bore you with any more about it but hope you like my colour choices.  

Oh, before I wander off I must mention the colours used on the last round - they were, once more, Lizbeth threads and the numbers are 618 and 641

I've really enjoyed the mixing and playing  with the colours as much as making my old favourite once more.  I'm sort of tempted to make it again but in HWT but it will depend on whether I can get the right colour combinations with the threads I've got to work with.  It looks a lot of thread in the drawer but putting colours together in HWT does take a lot of thought.  

Time will tell but I won't!!!!!

8 January 2013

My bestest Christmas present

Well this is the best gift I could've had for Christmas and Nick bought it for me.  It's a set of drawers as you can see.  I realised after my last lot of threads came from Handy Hands that I'd outgrown my tatting cupboard!!!

Well, that's not strictly true - I could still get all the threads in the cupboard but they were all crammed into two large ziplock bags which were a pain to get out and then open to look and choose which colours to use.  I spotted this set of drawers online and dropped a few hints, found a place for it to 'live' and Bob's yer uncle - Santa (aka Nick) got the hint!!!!

As you can see - it's easy to keep the threads organised as the drawers are the right colours!!  So, in the top drawer I have pink, next yellow/orange colours (third picture) and so on down until the bottom two (real green and dark pink).  In those two bottom drawers I have my wonderful, wonderful stash of HDT all wound onto Ezy bobs and all my 'small experimental' threads that I use for HWT (hand wound threads).  
Of course there are a lot of odds and ends still in the original containers in the cupboard and they can be mixed and matched to the Lizbeth too.

7 January 2013

New technique page

OK today I've got you a new and VERY simple technique.  Marie Smith in SC showed this to me during the Palmetto tatters meeting and I loved it.  Not needed very often but SO useful to have at your 'finger tips' when you do!!!!  She's not sure where it came from but it's great.

I hear you saying 'what is the daft moo' on about?  Well, it's a way to start a chain with a small picot at the start.  I know that in the past we've all used either a spare bit of thread or a safety pin/paperclip but this does away with all that hassle.

So, here's the link to the technique page on my site.  You'll find the link to the technique itself at the bottom of this page - as long as I've remembered to upload the revised technique page!!!!  I tend to wander off and forget things but my excuse is my age and NOT the honest fact that my memory has never been much good.

5 January 2013

It's very reassuring.

When you've spent a lot of time fiddling around getting a pattern finished and on the web site it's very reassuring later to find that somebody somewhere is making it!!!!

Here are two Fandango Snowflakes that Katie made last week.  She's been sending me pictures now for a while with her snowflakes and I doooooo love seeing all the colours of threads and beads that are used.  

Thank you, Katie.  I WILL get the oval stuff finished - eventually.

4 January 2013

Ros's birthday

Last Sunday it was my friend Ros's birthday.  I always feel sorry for people who have birthdays around this time of the year.  

Ros loves my tatting bits and pieces so the pendant, earrings and this bracelet  all went to her.

The pattern for this bracelet is here if you want it.

3 January 2013

Oval pendant again!

I know you've seen this pendant before but it's more about the stand that it's hanging on (see second picture).  

This stand was made for me by my brother in law (commonly known as 'im in the garage).  Sally spotted similar display stands in one of the big craft stores when we were in America.  She whipped out her camera and took a picture.  When she got home she asked 'im in the garage to make her a few as she sells her lovely necklaces at shows and wanted to display them in a more professional manner.

Oh, I did pick up the pendant again last night, I did two lock chain stitches and then put it down.  I really WILL get it finished soon but other things keep calling me!!!

2 January 2013

Mystery doily rounds 3 & 4

I must've lost round 3 after I scanned it but here you have rounds 3 & 4!!!  Any guesses yet or have y'all fallen asleep already?!?!?

Round 3 was done using colours 668 and 663 with round 4 in 613 and 605.

I'd forgotten what a lovely tat this doily is during the intervening years but I've still got to do round 4!!!!  I may change my mind after that's done!!!  We'll see!!!

1 January 2013

Tat It And See starting soooooon.

Before I forget - Happy New Year and TIAS (Tat It And See).  

The date that the Tat It And See will start is going to be Friday 11th January at 08:45 GMT.  The link to the introduction is here and this is what you'll need to have ready.  Note - for those of a nervous disposition - there are NO beads involved this time!!

This year there will be a small 'split' in the pattern.  This is for those who are of a cautious nature and who don't want to tackle split chains.  There are only 2 and they're only a few doubles long but ............

All details of what you'll need are on the introduction but I'm bound to have forgotten something!  Please contact me if there's anything missing or if there's any further information you need.

31 December 2012

It NEVER occurred to me!

When I was re-jigging my pattern site a while ago I decided to 'pretty it up' by putting images on each page.  It was SOOOO boring before.  

First I had to find a way to do it and I found a free program for the iMac which would help to convert images to thumbnails.  This is SO easy as all I have to do is drag the file name onto the picture of the software in the dock and it's done.  

Then (using Seamonkey) I had to find out how to add them to the boring pages.  I used my age old method - hit and miss!!  Anyway job done - or so I thought.  

Just before Christmas Georgia said that some people found it frustrating that the thumbnails didn't have links to the patterns on.  It had never occurred to me that anybody would want/need that. This proves how my simple brain doesn't work!!!  So I settled down on yet another 'rain stops walks' day and fixed those thumbnails.  Most of them now have links to the relevant patterns.  Just a few don't as they really were there just to 'pretty things up'.

Here's a screenshot of the front page to show you what I mean.  All these thumbnails are now clickable and will take you to the patterns - same on all the pages!!!!  Well, fingers crossed, eh?

29 December 2012

Doily round 2

Here's round 2 of the mystery doily.  I wanted a complete contrast for this row so used Lizbeth thread number 691.  I think it makes the blue stand up quite well.  

It takes me a lot of agonising over which colours to use as I'm pretty sure I know what I want on the final round so all the others should lead up to that one.  Still it's quite a novelty working on a doily.  It'll never be used - just chucked in the usual box.

I really must find some time soon to make some smallies - little things I can give to people 'as and when' I need/want to.

28 December 2012

Oval pendant

So, after the earrings then there just HAD to be a pendant!!!  Here it is.  

I'm having problems with getting myself in the 'mood' to put the pattern together at the moment.  I will get there shortly.  I think the constant rain has caused internal rust!!!

I will have a firm word with myself and make sure I listen to myself too.  Hmmmm, I hope I don't bore me as much as I must be boring you!

I hope to get the TIAS up online over the next few days too and will announce the start date too.  No, I haven't forgotten!!!

27 December 2012

Doily round 1

No, this isn't what I was doing over the past two days!!!  I did it before the festivities but have only just got round to blogging it.  On this round I used Lizbeth thread number 658 for the rings and 665 for the chains.

I've (well, brain cell 3) has almost decided what he's going to work on next but I need to draw up a rough idea first.  This one feels as if it might benefit from a 'sort of' drawing first although I normally head straight in with the shuttles - armed and dangerous!!!  We'll see.  I'll not have much time today as we have a 'grandson invasion' predicted.  Least that's if the floods don't prevent them getting here.  

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Happy Beaks
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