8 June 2016

Continuing Re-recycling

Remember this post about re-recycling?  This is the original which went 'under the scissors'!!  Well, this is what happened after a fair bit of 'tatting around' and tryouts.  It turned out eventually to be a quick tat and very, very stunning, I think!

BUT I still have more Cornelian beads and, of course, thread!!! What do you think to a bracelet and earrings to match? Well I think that's what I'll do next. 

After seeing and making 'fancy' necklaces etc there's something to be said for the sheer simplicity of this design. 

Do you think I ought to write down the 'how to' on this or is it obvious as to how it's been made?

7 June 2016

Look what I found

I'd really forgotten about these and I found them when tidying up another 'spot' in the house!!! I was going to make lots of brooches to sell in the vending room at Tat Days as it helps fund the trip. The cost of flights and insurance never seems to get any less - in fact it seems to escalate!!!

So, I have 13 - a good round number to take would be 20, though so I feel some more tatting coming on!!!  

I'll sell them really cheaply just so I have room in the suitcase to get more - no, not going to mention the two addictions. No, I'm NOT. 

Oh, OK, thread and beads!!!!

6 June 2016

Round 3 of the Fandango square

This round is done so one more to go before I get the pattern up online. 

This time I'm using size 20 thread and it's quite a 'shock' after the size 40!!! I like it, though!!

I'm going to plod along and get the final round done now so that I can get the whole lot put together. I usually have two or three projects on the go and this tends to slow things up too!!!

4 June 2016

It must be mouse season!!!!

This is a mouse from Linda which arrived yesterday!!! I think he looks exhausted after his travels across the pond!!!! 

Please go and visit him to see Linda's comment by clicking on the Exclusive Tatting Club page at the top.

2 June 2016


You nearly didn't get a blog post today. Why? Well the cold and an overrun of grandchildren have frozen BC3's brain and body too!!!

Suddenly to bring a little cheer into the day came dear Ginny with her mouse. 

Well, I lie. 

She sent in - no, I'm not going to tell you what she sent in with her mouse. You'll just have to go to the Exclusive Tatting Club page to find out for yourselves. I will show you her single mouse - just to wet your appetite. Believe me - a click to the page will surprise you.

1 June 2016

I knew I'd forget!!!

I'd forgotten this half written post was in the drafts of the blog so here it is!!! 

I carried on making the bells like the ones here and here but then had to decide what to do with them. This is a pretty bad picture but mainly because of that rare occurrence here - the sun. Also they all glitter and sparkle too. The round outer is made of a large brass ring which I covered in tatting and also included a hanger (also covered in tatting) as I went round.

I've added bigger beads to the middles to represent the clanger and there are beads on the outside too. 

I've 'got over' making them for now but will be returning to them at some point. I'm going to take them to Palmetto Tat Days to 'show off' as they're much better in real life!!!

31 May 2016


Wonder if there is such a word? Well if not then I've invented it!!!!

Today I'm going to show you what I made a few years ago. Actually nearly seven years ago. Where does the time go?!?!? Here's the link.

At the time I was well pleased with it but after a few weeks didn't wear it much. I made earrings to match but I didn't wear them as they look like crosses. They're here.

So, I'm getting the scissors out and I'm going to re-do the necklace. I wasn't happy with the way the beads sit in the split rings so this time I'm going to try the way that somebody or other (oh to have a memory!) came up with. I'll keep you posted on what happens next!!

28 May 2016

Charity shop find

On a Friday afternoon I go to Alcester which is about eight miles away. It's a lovely little market town and I go to meet other friends in the library. No, not to teach computer skills but to join in Crafternoon.

Before the start of our get together I usually go and look round the small town with it's 'proper' shops. All small and many are family owned. There are also several charity shops which I have a look in too. Rarely do I find anything and  I've never ever had such a find as I had yesterday. 

I walked into the one shop and nearly pee'd the aged pants when I spotted these threads. I bought the ones you can see below but I kindly left a lot for other people!!! I will go back next week to see if there are any left!!!! 

I must add that I'd had a firm word with myself that when I go to Palmetto Tat Days I was NOT to buy anymore thread!!!! Why didn't I remember that I didn't need anymore thread yesterday?

Oh, the pale blue balls that you can see are actually white but I think it was the rare appearance of that round yellow object in the sky (aka the sun) that changed the colour.

27 May 2016

Final twelve coasters

Here are more coasters - another twelve. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed making them but I'm now thinking of placemats!!! Why? Well the ones we've got are looking very elderly and faded. Not that we use them a lot but They have seen better days.

26 May 2016

I keep forgetting!!

Not just my name and where I am and what I'm supposed to be doing but also what I'm working on!!!!

Suddenly found this which I'd forgotten about and have now finished the third round!!! Meanwhile I have been working on the square one as well. It really is an addiction!!!

24 May 2016

New pattern uploaded

First of all - check out the TIAS blog if you've got time.  Another rabbit and two pairs of scissors have arrived.  Here's the link. 

Now it was Pigmini (with the help of her DH) who suggested the name for this design. I'm totally hopeless at thinking of names as you've probably gathered over the years. I decided to run with this as I thought it was darn good and reflected the 'look' of the single hexagon. 

It's called the Passion Flower Motif.

Quite a versatile idea as it can be used many ways. As a simple pendant (I would add beads to the outside if I did that) or as an ever growing (or not!) doily. I used all three versions in this final test but obviously any combination can be used by just using one of the versions or .......

23 May 2016

A pretty useless technique!

Now the new pattern I'm working on needs the tatter to join a final split ring to a first split ring. 

Don't know about you but I find this can be a bit 'messy' so I settled down to try and resolve this issue. It works well for me but not sure how many times it may be needed.  

I only try new things out when I absolutely need them.  I don't go 'looking' for problems - they find me!!!

I have a feeling that this maybe useful in other situations but I can't think what at the moment!!!

Anyway, just in case you should need it - here's the link.

21 May 2016

Another round added

Here's round two finished. I do wish I could kick this addiction to making Fandango doilies!!!! It's really, really NOT me making doilies as I'd never ever use them!

20 May 2016

Done and dusted

BUT I now want to make more!!! Is this another obsession I feel coming over me? Yes, I think it is!

So, back to the paper and printing more templates and the sewing machine stays on the table in the conservatory.

19 May 2016

Oh dear

OR - not so 'oh dear'!!!!

I had an accident a few days ago. A stupid silly accident and one which could've been avoided IF BC3 had remembered from one minute to another.

Winter (which was a 'non event') here in England was mild but when we got to Spring it got darn cold so my winter coat was never quite 'not needed' until a week or so ago. So it was time for the coat to pay a visit to the washing machine.

First task - empty the pockets!!! How MANY handkerchiefs does one old git REALLY need when out and about? Till receipts, small purse with small change in and assorted other odds and ends all got removed. Great. Into the machine, washed and on the line in the garden soon after. 

BUT - guess who forgot to take off the bauble tatted brooch. Yes, you've guessed. BC3 and ME!!!

Didn't it wash up well and the baubles have kept their shape too. I wonder if part of the reason they've done so well is because I sprayed them with Scotchgard when I first made them?  That keeps them clean and I suppose that may have kept the water from soaking in too much too.  Don't you just LOVE tatting?

18 May 2016

Another thought!!!

Looking at the three motifs I showed you last time - I wondered what they would look like when put together. 

These were plonked (beg your pardon, placed) on the scanner to try it out.  I'll make another seven motifs and work them together - will show you when I've done that.

Meantime I managed to get the garden sorted yesterday as rain is forecast today. Lots of herbs sorted and new ones planted. Moved pots here, there and everywhere - bring on the Summer!!!

17 May 2016

Round 1 done!!

Even though I'm working hard on the square Fandango doily I still have time to play with the third rectangular one that I'm making.  I duck and dive between them both - oh, and another project too.

I'm going to get that little hexagonal motif up on my site as soon as I can but the weather has been sunny and the garden needs my attention!!!  I'm not a keen gardener but I do like to control the weeds as much as I can!!!  

In the picture you'll see I'm trying another variegated thread for the second round but really I don't like the sample so it'll be back to diving into the tatting cupboard to find another colour that will work.

16 May 2016

Getting grumpy about Etsy

It's a smallish grump but it's causing me to consider leaving Etsy altogether. 

In fact I'm actually going to leave when the bags and tatting I've got in there finish their 'time'. I'm going to move over to Folksy and will give you the links/details when I move. Oh, that will be when I get another supply of shuttles from 'im in the garage which I hope will be within a month or so.

The reason? I cannot abide being forced to view everything as it's now set up in the gallery view.  I LOVED 'list' view and I can't find any way to change it when visiting shops.  The latest way of viewing items (see below) is just tooooo big and horrid on my laptop or iPad.  Actually it's too cumbersome anyway.  I loved being able to view things in a list.  I could go to a site, click on 'list view' and get a (what I'd call) a resume of what was in that particular shop.  Now I'm forced to see it in a way that I'm just not comfortable with.  So, I'm not going to view other shops either as it annoys me.  
Does anybody else feel like this?  
Sorry folks.  Grumble over.  

14 May 2016

More experiments!

Time for more experiments. I wanted to see how this idea would work if I put 'spokes' into the corners as well as the sides. Again a little bit of 'tweaking' is needed. In picture one I've added them so that they join to the sides and corners, picture two to 'just' the corners and picture three to the sides only.

I've also changed centre drastically too. I've a feeling this may just work out well in the end.

13 May 2016

Another day - another round!

Well I'll be honest - this took me two days to do!!! It's going well although there's quite a bit of re-writing and drawing but that's good - keeps me busy.

I'm enjoying avoiding the variegated threads and am using the same colour on both shuttles too. 'They' say a change is as good as a rest and that's proving to be the case with the doily obsession!!!

12 May 2016

Another diversion!

Diverted again!!! This time by comments left on this blog.

I just love making the Fandango doilies and have another on the go at the moment. As I've said before - they're useful to have to work on while I'm at craft groups nattering!!!!

This time I was asked if I could do a square Fandango doily. Well I'd forgotten that I'd already done one here. Having looked at it again I realised that this isn't what the person who suggested it really wanted but I thought I could use the centre part. So, here it is - the new 'not so new' centre. The next round will NOT be like the other one so it'll all need re-writing and drawings copied and altered accordingly. 

That should keep me out of mischief for a few days!!!

10 May 2016


This may not look a lot different to yesterday's post except that I've been experimenting with stitch counts. Bain of my life is 'how many' or how few doubles do I need!!! 

Maybe it will look better in a different thread?  Ah, I know what's wrong - it's still the centre. 

Back to the shuttles - I feel another idea coming over me!!!

9 May 2016

No, no, no - this WON'T do.

Well it was meant to be a hexagon motif. I WANTED A HEXAGON. Simple you may think. Why didn't it work out? Lack of BC3 in the right frame of mind at the time and it all went wrong, wrong, wrong.

I've now recovered from that disappointment and decided to have another go. This time I thought I'd start with the outer row and make a hexagon - HOOORRRAAAAYYYYY. That worked. It's a true hexagon too. So, this is called the inside out hexagon. Well - at the moment. 

See the centre? Pretty awful so it's going to be 'back to the drawing board for a while. To make it I used a lock chain, a chain, a vsp, a chain, a vsp and another lock chain again. Totally NOT happy with that idea!!!

7 May 2016

Happy whatever to ME!!!

Now, why that subject for today's manic ramblings? Any guesses?

Well, here's the reason. Tomorrow it's the tenth anniversary of starting this blog. Do you realise that I've been rambling on about tatting (mainly!) for ten years now. That's a lot of knots to talk about. Here's the link to that first post.

I've also managed to achieve around 2,714 posts with 1,233,339 page views. Not that these figures mean anything as all I want to do is talk tatting!!!!

Tittle tattle tatting talk!!!!  Right - off to play with shuttles again!

6 May 2016

Sew time goes on

Having finished the owls I decided that I really rather enjoyed 'straining the brain' to make them and that foundation piecing needn't be QUITE as complicated as they were. So I searched the good old internet and found a lovely log cabin pattern here.

I needed something relatively easy to plod along with and really wanted to use the fabric I've got in a creative way. Do other people 'suffer' like I do with having lovely fabric/threads/beads/wool to play with but then thinking that each new project 'needs' a new purchase? 

Anyway, I resisted the urge to re-stock with more fabric (fortunately our house is small and we're limited on storage space) and started off making the first few coasters. That's what I wanted to make - coasters or mug rugs or whatever you want to call them.

After I'd done the three below I decided that 12 was a good number to make so that meant I could cut out 9 more, sew them and by then I would be bored. Well, we'll see how things work out!!!

Meantime I'm tatting away on another new motif AND a square Fandango mat. Life ain't boring!!!

4 May 2016

Here we go,

Here we go, here we go. Yes another start to another Fandango doily.

Having started this a week or so ago I've since had a worm placed in my brain by Maureen in a comment a few days ago. She has sort of suggested that it might be a good idea to make a square Fandango doily!!!! 

Thanks, Maureen. Once this one is under way I'll be exploring that idea. The reason for the proliferation of doilies is because they're useful to take with me to the craft meetings I go to. The pattern is easy to remember after the first round has been done - or, even before that.

Meantime I'm working on 'another new idea' which is coming on very well. I''ll start sharing that soon.

3 May 2016


The owls are finished. Took me a bit longer than I expected as I've had a few interruptions in life but, I must add, nice ones.

I'm not really happy with the border as it just didn't 'go right'. I followed the destructions but I did struggle with it. Still it's done and now I need to decide what to do with it - when I find it again!!!!

It has inspired me to want to do more of this type of work so I'll now start looking around for new projects but they'll have to be a bit simpler than this one!!!!

2 May 2016

Pink round 4 finished

All finished on this one now!! 

You're not going to believe this but I've started another one. I need something to do when I go to my craft gatherings (twice a week now) and something that doesn't need a lot of concentration as we talk more than we craft!!!! It's great, though, as we share ideas and expertise especially the knitters and crocheters.

29 April 2016

This is a 'how not to' post

Definitely a post about how not to design!!!! 

As you know I rarely start off with anything drawn or totally 'thought out'.  I 'tat from the heart'. Well, not really as my heart doesn't have fingers!!!! I tat from experience and ideas of what may work and with the benefit of my three remaining brain cells - also known as BC3.  I do study images of a critter if that's what I'm trying to do - particularly cartoon drawings as cartoonists have a way of making images that remove the detail and take your attention to the true basics of an item.

This is how I started off with the peacock.  Well below are some of the pieces  I produced while trying to get what I wanted - others got assigned to the bin.

Now for the 'good news'. I've just got to finish off the pattern page and get it up on my site and you should be able to have it tomorrow. Hopefully you'll see that it's a lot better than the 'trials and tribulations' shown below!!!

28 April 2016

Another round.

This is the third round which is simply a repeat of the first one!!! Not sure why I like this pattern so much but I THINK it's cause it's interesting but easy!!! It's what I 'do' when I can't think of anything new to play with!!!

Actually I do have another new pattern to put on may site and which has been ready for a month or maybe two!!! I'll try and check it out today to see if it's in a fit state to be put on there!!!

27 April 2016

I've got a secret!

Did you know that I've got a secret? My little sister is having a giveaway. Did you know? 

Do you want the link to her blog? Well I expect I'd better share it or you'll all be shouting at me all day!! Here it is.

I'm not going to tell you what it is as you'll have to go there to take part but I'll give you a little, little, teeny tiny clue. Here it is.

26 April 2016

Not quite normal service!

On Mondays and Wednesdays I teach in the local library - Silver Surfers. When we finished at three o'clock yesterday afternoon we got outside and there was a group of Chinese performing in the street outside. Well it was mesmerising. I stayed for around three quarters of an hour just watching. Here is a link to the videos I took.

While I was standing there one of the Chinese assistants gave me a programme and this very pretty little dangle.   There was another leaflet which I wish I'd taken which was about the reason the opera are touring the country.  The Chinese are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the death of Tang Xianzu about whom you can find out more here.

Tomorrow I WILL get back to eating again!!

25 April 2016

Normal service!

Normal tatting will be resumed tomorrow but I simply HAVE to tell you/show you what I've been doing this past weekend. As you all know it's been the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death so the town has been busy and it's been a load of fun.

Here are a few pictures (below) and a link to the videos I took on Youtube.

Shakespeare live was filmed and shown on the television during the evening.  Proud to be a true Stratfordian?  You BET I AM.  Born and bred here and generations before me.  Can't beat it!!!

23 April 2016

No post today!!

Sorry but no post today - the town's going to be BUZZING and I want to be part of the buzz. 

We're celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death (he was born on the same day too) so there will be all sorts of things going on all day. 

Having lived in the town most of my 72½ years I'm determined to enjoy every moment.  Wish me fun!!!!!

22 April 2016

Owl progress!!

Upwards and into the tree - all three owls are now safely roosting where they should be.

I'm now dreading the next part - hate finishing off things!!! The borders have to be put on but they also include part of the picture which 'overlaps' into it. 

Can you see my best friend sitting there on the table? A LARGE cup of tea!!!! An OG cannot work without a regular supply of tea!!!

21 April 2016

Silver baubles

Another bauble has been made!!! 

This is another one made with the Altin Basak thread which is called Nakis Simi.  This is one of my favourite metallic threads. Also it's very, very cheap to buy in that one spool goes a long, long, LONG way. 

In this bauble I've managed to enclose the rib ends in the final round - thus eliminating the need to sew them in. All I needed to do was sew in the shuttle, chain threads. Win, win situation!!!

20 April 2016

Pink Fandango Doily - more progress.

Back to the pink Fandango doily and another round added. I'm afraid I can see this addiction lasting a long time although BC3 is thinking of another idea. Something I've been wanting to do for ages. Wonder if it'll work?!?!

19 April 2016

Tatting at Churchdown

I think it was last week I mentioned that I was going to put on my big girls pants and drive out of my comfort zone which is roughly ten miles from home!!! There's a big line around the town ten miles out which is where I normally start to panic and worry. Well Saturday I broke the barrier and escaped my trap!!! 

I set off in snow showers and arrived (one wrong turning only) in plenty of time and sunshine!! It was a really great day - Linda (who I met up with in Canada at the Fringe Element tat days) had organised a great day with some lovely, lovely people. Plenty of cake, tea and coffee too. 

She'd asked me to teach techniques - starting with the split ring, self closing mock ring and pearl tatting. I'd prepared lots of shuttles with size 10 thread and the students I had were really fast learners. Also at the event was Joelle (aka La Cossette on Etsy) who brought some of her amazing work. It was good to meet up with her and all the others too.  Now I'm wondering if I'll be able to go to other places over my ten mile boundary now.  You can't beat a satnav for helping an OG to break her nemesis!!!!

18 April 2016

I'm getting overrun with mice!!!!

I'm pleased to say, I might add. 

Today I'm going to introduce you to Jennine's mouse first. Now this is one very strange mouse with his very 'different' eyes. I'm not going to tell you what Jennine says - you'll have to check this link to find out or go to the Exclusive Tatting Club page and scroll down. I'll share ONE of her pictures, though!!!

Not long after Jennine's mouse had settled into the Exclusive Club Kathie's mouse arrived. Again I'm not going to tell you what she said but I now realise that Lodi must've been overrun with mice too!!! Here's her picture.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.