13 April 2013

Practical Crafts

Here are two more of my patterns but this time they were published in Practical Crafts - February 1994. 

The really interesting point here is the way I worked the pearl drop earring.  Again bearing in mind that I already knew how to do split rings myself I was very aware that most tatters probably wouldn't know so I used an 'old fashioned' method to achieve what would now be easily done with SR's.

11 April 2013

Edging to six motif mat

Well I knew it 'needed something' so this is what the 'something' turned out to be!!!!
I used the same colours as I did on the middle motif.  With beads added, of course!!!  I didn't want the piece to be round either so decided to 'go with' the dips and dives of the total shape.

Now it can go in the box in the cupboard!!!!

10 April 2013

Practical Crafts January 1994

Well, well, well.  Another magazine that ran my patterns back in 1994.  These earrings came about when I found it was becoming too expensive to buy earrings to amuse my reception classes!!!  This was obviously a long time ago and nowadays I'd probably use different techniques to make them.  In fact some of my doodles have developed from these early beginnings.

No, that's not me - either on the cover or modeling the earrings.  Mind if it was a black cat it might've been me in a previous incarnation.  Oh, on second thoughts - I would've been it's owner.  A witch!!!  Probably still am when you're not watching me!!!

9 April 2013

Jess threads 7

Here it is - the final motif.  So, that's another project over with - or is it?  No, it's not.  

I've now got to wake up BC3 to see if he/she can help out with an edging for this.  Why?  Well because none of the outer picots have beads on so they look really naked!!!  They need 'dressing up' with something or other. 

So how do I go about that?  Time will tell.  

I like the negative space on this mat/doily or whatever you call it!!!

8 April 2013

Yet more of the 'whatever it is'!

First of all - there are now 113 prams on the TIAS site here.

So today I've got more of the thread fun to show you.  I don't honestly press these as I go along so they may look a bit skanky.  Aren't the colours fun, though?  Just one more to go but I'm not going to ask for guesses as to which colours I'm going to use for the last one!!!!!  

6 April 2013

Well, WHAT a surprise

When I got home on Thursday after handing the kids back to my daughter I found a box on my chair in Tat Corner.  I rarely get post - let alone a box!!!  It was just SOOOO exciting.  Even better it was from America.
Now I knew that BC3 hadn't been ordering anything from over the pond so I was totally puzzled.  I managed to get my coat off before I opened it - just!!!

Inside were all the goodies shown below and they came from Terry who I've met online and through the pop a bobbin shuttle sales.  Thank you SO much Terry - you really know how to keep an OG happy!!!

The lighter variegated thread is Manuela - now sadly out of production.  I loved Manuela.  The blue is, of course, the wonderful Lizbeth.  Then there are doodads and twirly whirly thingies (BC3 is hopping around at the sight of those), fabric (when WILL the weather get warmer so I can sew?) and two VERY pretty shuttles as well.  Thank you again, Terry.

5 April 2013

Two more added

This time I've got two more motifs to show you.  I like the subtle plain light colours together. 

I suppose I really should've stuck to the one plain colour for all but that wouldn't have gone down well with BC3 who loves to experiment!!!  Really wonder where this is going to end up!!

Kids have gone home - so very quiet again here but lots of sleep needed to get my brain straight again!!!!

4 April 2013

Not a lot else

Another 'not a lot else' post!!!!!  This is just a quickie to say I've not picked up a shuttle since Sunday so the odds and ends you've been seeing are from last week or the week before!!!  
This is what has kept me busy the past few days.
A visit to the theatre - not for a show!!!
BUT for the mirror maze - this one's for you, Sherry Pence!!!  We've been three times in two days!!  It finishes on Sunday and a costumes exhibition arrives after that.
 Also a trip up the tower to see Stratford from the top of the town!!
There's been a trip to the play centre called Henry's Castle, an afternoon in the rec playground, two trips to the library to get more and more books, two round the town quizzes to do, ice cream to eat (brrrrrr) and a trip out to the supermarket to buy a birthday cake because today is a young man's tenth birthday!
Finally a picture of the devastation at home - isn't it wonderful?  

3 April 2013

Jess threads - part 3

Another of Jess's threads with another colour to 'show it off'.  I always have megga doubts at this stage as I never know if it's all going to 'work' or not.  Mainly, I'll admit because I don't have a final plan in my head anyway!!!  Makes for an interesting life, eh?

Two days gone and not a shuttle even looked at.  Why? Have I given up tatting? 

No, the answer is I'm too, too tired.  Looking after young grandkids is sooooo tiring!!!

2 April 2013

Jess's threads - another start

OK, so having abandoned the last idea here I decided to start with another pattern (slightly modified) and another colour for the contrast. I'm hoping that when I join this one to others (notice the missing bead on the second ring of the clover!) that I'll get an interesting pattern emerging from the negative space.
This was going to be my summer project but I've got a sneaky feeling that summer has been cancelled yet again this year as it's still very cold here.

The beads are gold glass ones which really sparkle.  I bought them in America and they're truly pretty.

1 April 2013

Skunking around

So another day and another pattern.   Yesterday I totally forgot it was Easter and couldn't fathom why, when I wanted to shop, the darn shops were closed.  Hang on - I don't celebrate Easter along with a lot of people so why can't I shop?!?!?!?!  No worries - the cat didn't starve in the end and neither did we!!!!  I found one shop open which sold milk so we could continue drinking tea and we found food in the store cupboard!!!!

Here is the pattern for the skunk that I did for Tat Days last year.  

Actually this wasn't particularly done for Tat Days.  It was done for a lady who wrote and asked me if I could make a skunk for her daughter!!   I can't remember who it was who asked and I seem to have lost touch with her.  I'd thought of a skunk before but they've got such a bad reputation I didn't think ANYBODY would want a tatted one.  So IF you do want one then you've now got one.  May the smell be with you!!!!

30 March 2013

The original giraffe

So when I did the doodles last year and tidied them up I deleted one or two that I didn't think were particularly good or important.

I've had a ticking off from my friend Marie in SC for deleting 'her' little giraffe!!!  I'd put what I thought was a 'new and improved' one on instead but Marie wrote the other day to tell me that 'her' giraffe was missing and would I put him back!!!

So, specially for Marie - here he is!!!!!!  My humble apologies, Marie.  Are we still friends?

29 March 2013

New instruction pages

About a year ago Georgia or one of the Palmetto tatters contacted me to ask if I could do a simple page or two that they could use for handouts at Tat Days.  They wanted something to help with teaching brand new tatters.  

I had a firm word with BC3 (brain cell 3) who said he was 'up for it' so off we went into unknown territory!!!  Now you must bear in mind that it was well over half a century ago that I learnt to tat along with my gran who was learning too.  So to go back to that mind set was quite hard.

I did a few pages for them and it seemed a good idea to add a small pattern or two for beginners to try.

I remembered these pages a week or so ago and have been playing with them ever since.  I will add more when I next feel the muse.  Meanwhile I've had a lot of help from people checking them out and telling me what was wrong or coming up with great suggestions.  I know they're not 100% yet and probably never will be.  Let me know if there's anything you spot or if you have any suggestions for more pages.

Things can easily be changed but at least they're there (on the internet) at last.  I've had to change round the front page of the web site too slightly to accomodate the link to the links to the links!!!!!  Sounds as if I'm playing golf, doesn't it?

28 March 2013

Missing doodle

Here it is at last!!!!  The missing doodle.

It was one of the original doodles that I did years and years ago and I thought that honestly it was of no value.  That is until Patricia asked where it was on my site!!!!  So after a bit of a search round the computer I found it, re-drew the diagrams and fiddled with the text before I put it here.

Now I'm pretty sure that that's the last of the doodles - unless you know better, of course!!!!

27 March 2013

Jess's threads

Do you remember the threads I bought off Jess recently?  Well, here they are.  Aren't they wonderful?  Well I decided they needed something special made with them so I started playing with a new design (more of that when I get back to it - it's a long story!).

So, having given up on that idea I decided that I'd use one of my other older patterns so made this motif from this pattern.  

Isn't her thread lovely?  Trouble is I think it's sort of 'killed' by the lighter cream colour so I've abandoned that idea too.  More in due course!!

26 March 2013

Hummer and Peacock

OK, here are the last two of the Palmetto doodles.  I think (apart from the octopus) that they're my favourites.  I love the little peacock best.

I had a note from Patricia a few days ago asking where another of my very old doodles had got to.  Hmmmm, I must have deleted it at some point from the web pages so a hunt ensued of my computer.  I'll be working on doing some updated drawings for it and will get it back on the web site as soon as possible.  

25 March 2013

A different sort of brooch

I went outside the front door the other day to put our shopping bags back into the car.  I felt a right dipstick as I zapped the car with the key and it wouldn't unlock.  Just wouldn't do that 'flashing thing' that cars do when you zap them.  

I stood and puzzled about it and then realised that the neighbours were watching.  Then it suddenly dawned on me that it was the WRONG CAR!!!  I go by the colour of cars.  No idea of make or any other details - it's colours only with me.  A car should have a wheel at each corner and an engine that works - end of story.  Nothing else matters.

After a bit of teasing from the neighbours the lady who was visiting them spotted a brooch on  my coat.  It was this one.   I also have another one like this too.  She ooooohed and aaaaahed and asked me to make her one.  Well here it is.  I scanned it before it was properly finished - it doesn't look as 'droopy' now!!

Please take a look at the threads used by Sonja for her pram which arrived yesterday.  Fabulous.  Also Gea has sent in her pram which makes the total now to be 100.

23 March 2013

Roar, roar in a wimpish way

This is the penultimate doodle from the third cell belonging to my brain!!!  This is a little lion.  Again not a straightforward tat but quite cute.  Actually I think this one could've done with a bit of a hair cut!!!

Wonder where I've left my scissors.

Talking scissors - I've got two pairs of scissors (one pair kindly given to me by our own Diane) which reside by my chair in tat corner.  Why two pairs?  Simply so I can find one to use!!!  Both pairs seem to have a life of their own and regularly totally disappear even though they're right beside me!!!  Ah, maybe it's cause I'm SOOO untidy!!!

22 March 2013

My Weekly 1998 - trees again.

Here are the trees making another appearance a few years later in My weekly - 1998.  I remember checking if it would be OK and it was.  These were 'given' to the magazine as by then I realised that selling patterns was NOT for me.  Too much hassle and little financial reward at the end!!

I didn't want fame and fortune (good job as I'd never have achieved that by tatting!) so it made sense to go with just holding onto my copyright.  Problem is (I believe) that once an editor/publisher pays you then the copyright belongs to them.  No WAY, Jose!!  Not in my neck of the woods!!

21 March 2013

No milk today!

That's a note I used to leave on my doorstep back in my long and distant past - for the milkman.  

When I was first married we used to have milk delivered to the door but when my kids were young and I went back to work I stopped having it delivered.  Why?  Well it used to sit on the doorstep all day and in the summer would be rancid by the time I got back home from work. 

Now you're wondering what I'm on about.  Well basically - no milk/tatting today!!!!  Not because I've gone back to work - nobody would employ an old git like me.  It's because I've been so darn busy with other 'life things' lately that I've really not got anything coherent to show!!!

As the BBC used to say when they had a break in service - 'normal service will be resumed as soon as possible'!!!

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