26 September 2015

Rachel turns to beads

Another of my loves is this motif by Rosemarie Peel. This one is, as you know, called Rachel and it's in Tatting Basic Patterns.

Rosemarie designed this some years ago and I simply love it. This version is worked in a size 40 thread (white, varied and plain pink). 

I got slightly carried away this time and simply HAD to add beads. I'm going to make another as this one is so pretty. Next time I'll make it in a size 20, I think!!!

24 September 2015

Last seahorse

Just so simple to make and so effective as a sun catcher. This is actually much sparklier than the picture looks.  Again somebody may get this next weekend at the Fringe Element tat days!  Who knows!  I don't!

22 September 2015

Starry bracelet grey gold

This isn't a good picture - sorry. I took this before I left for my trip and in a bit of a hurry. This is for a gift and I hope the person who gets it likes it. 

It's one of the starry button bracelets which I simply and unashamedly love making. There - I've confessed to my addiction. Yet another addiction!!!/  It's a good job my addictions aren't into drugs or alcohol or I'd be a very dead person by now!!!!

19 September 2015

Another sort of smiley!!!

This is the last 'live' post before I fly tomorrow.  I've scheduled others to 'happen' while I'm away as I've a backlog of posts.  I'll not be putting links on Facebook though as I'll be too darn busy having fun, fun, fun.

Today I have a smiley that Sarah sent me after reading my other post t'other day. This is what she said.

"Hi Jane, The smiley face you shared on your blog today is cute but I thought you might like to see the one I have been tatting for several years which you designed ... it is the center of the sun in your sun and moon and stars pattern 2004. I always like to have a few of these on hand to stick on note cards or pass to someone who might need a smile. Thank you for all the smiles you pass out.

I 'met' Sarah through the TIAS.

The bee is one of Martha Ess's patterns.  So cute, Martha.

18 September 2015

New earrings

It's ages since I made a new pair of earrings so I decided that my trip needed a new pair!!! I wanted something 'ethereal' (that's a posh name for me, eh?) so decided to use this pattern and play with beads. 

I should've known better than to try and take photos of these earwigs but I did my best! They are very ethereal and VERY glittery too. 

17 September 2015

Ring of Roses Bracelet

Well it had to happen, didn't it? After the bookmark HAD to come the bracelet. 

BUT it needed beads, of course. An almost complete re-write and now it's done. Here's the link.

I've called it the Ring of Roses Bracelet which is obvious really as it's basically the same as the bookmark.

16 September 2015

Just got to make room

The story so far!!! Making room for everything in a suitcase is always challenging and that's why I start off packing so early.  Well, I pack and unpack and re-pack etc!!!

I'm now going to add the two fellas below the suitcase picture so I can at least relieve the town of two of these pesky geese. Wonder if I can squeeze in anymore? Also wondering if Canada is ready to have them back but they're going to anyway whatever they say!!!

15 September 2015

Doily statistics!!!

Ah, remembered I ought to show you this too!!! 

Sad looking ball of thread!!! Well when I decided to do the Jan doily I bought 3 balls of Aida thread and this is all I had left of the white ball!!!  I had enough of the green but cheated a bit as I had some on a ball already so used probably a whole ball.   Peach - I've still got some left of that to make other odds and ends but honestly don't want to see pastel shades again for a while!!!

I also forgot to tell you that my doily measures 32" across and was worked in size 20 thread.

14 September 2015


Finally it's done and I'm already suffering from withdrawal symptoms!!  You just can't win with BC3 so I give up!!!

I decided a week or two ago that I HAD to get it finished before my trip so that when I get back I've got a 'clear space' to work on a couple of new designs.  I usually 'do' a Christmas one and then, of course, there's the Tat It And See design to sort too. 

So I slogged on at the doily until I'd finished it.   It wasn't a slog actually as right til the end I really enjoyed it.  I've made notes on the whole doily and I'm happy to share.  They won't make ANY sense unless you have the pattern itself with the diagrams (those may be found online somewhere) so I'm not breaking any copyright laws.  Also remember that mine includes beads too but the picots can be re-added if required.   The stitch count works and as I've only used the beads on picots I know that it will be fine for the original version.  I learned a lot making this doily - a great experience. 

For those just reading my blog for the first time this is Jan Stawasz's doily called Moje Robotki.  Not sure if you'll be able to find a copy of the magazine it's published in but I may just sell my copy on eventually as I know I won't be making this one again!!!  There used to be some for sale in Etsy but I can't find any now.

12 September 2015

Anybody want to ride a carousel?

Before I start today I've got some news to pass on.  I had a message a few days ago from Teri Dusenbury's daughter telling me she's not well.  She's set up a new Facebook page for people to leave messages which she'll turn into postcards to give to her mum.  If you feel you'd like to leave a message then here's the link to the new page.  If you don't use Facebook then either email me or leave a comment here which I'll pass on.

Now I've GOT to show you this wonderful idea that Melanie Vliet (who lives in Southern California) has been working on for months and months.

She's used several designs and made this carousel with them. It's being entered in a fair so I hope she does really well with it. What a splendid idea.

11 September 2015

Bits and bobs.

Today I'm showing you the little covers I've made for my scissors and tiny crochet hook. Not the best sewing I've ever done but that's no problem as these are made just for the trip and will probably be lost afterwards.  Although, having thought again about what I've just written - probably not as putting the covers on these two items will stop me from a) losing them (particularly the hook) and b) sitting on them and having a 'nasty surprise' in my bum!!!

Since taking these pictures I've added a loop to the scissor one and a piece of chain (in case I want to take it apart!!!). Also made another hook cover too as I wasn't too happy with this first one. I've used the little plastic cover that came with the hook and have glued it into the fabric which surrounds it. 

Well if nothing else - it kept me out of mischief for an hour or two!!!

10 September 2015


Now this is a little gem to tat. The design is (in my opinion) a terrifically great one as it just 'works'. I only wish it was my design but at least it belongs to one of my favourite tatters (and amazing bobbin lacer). Anybody guess?

Well it's Rosemarie Peel's design and comes from one of her books. The pattern is in the book called (Tatting Basic Patterns). Just had a look and she's still got copies of that book here on her site.

I'm taking this pattern and shuttles to make another of these little mats while I'm travelling. I can't tat on the plane but I can in the departure lounge and I'll be spending a few hours there!!!

9 September 2015

Tat Days smiley pattern

Well the things that slip my aged mind (and BC3) are many and various!!! 

I had an email from a lass at Palmetto Tatters asking me if she could use my Smiley pattern to make some for another event. Of course the answer was 'yes' but it made me think. Now this guy (well over a hundred of them) went to America with me last year - just so I could give everybody a smile. It was on the Palmetto CD too but, of course, I've forgotten to put it on my site. So, what's new there? Nothing!!!

I've got another set of what I called 'Emotitats' (thanks to somebody who suggested the name and who has a better brain than me) and they're over here. I made those to add to business cards but so far haven't 'got roundtoit'!!! Nothing new there!

Anyway, here's the link to the big Smiley. Hope somebody makes and enjoys it. Great for spontaneous little gifts to somebody who feels down in the dumps, perhaps?

8 September 2015

Progress has been made!!!

I'd forgotten yet again to show you more of the Jan doily!!! This time it's rounds 14 and 15 which I finished a week or more ago.  

Where IS my brain at the moment? 

Ah, I know - buried in a suitcase somewhere!!!

7 September 2015

A new mouse has arrived

Well after just a few days she's back and is now a full member of the Exclusive Tatting Club which you can find above this post.

Now, I'm not going to tell you what she said as you don't want to read it twice but I will tell you that it's a fun comment!!!  You'll just have to read the link above!!!  I'm a real old meanie but you should've realised that before now!!

Here's the picture she sent.

5 September 2015


Here's another Japanese knot bag that I made a few weeks ago. Along with the others it's sitting in my suitcase and will be looking to emigrate permanently to Canada!!!

Butterflies cover this bag and I was very tempted to keep it!!! 

Packing (and un-packing) continues and today I collected some Canadian dollars. Well I don't think 'collected' is quite the right word! I bought some Canadian dollars!!! I must say they're prettier than the American ones - come on, America buck your ideas up!!!

3 September 2015

A celtic motif

I was always fascinated with this type of tatting which was invented by Rosemarie Peel. It's what is known as Celtic Tatting. I first saw it in one of her books. This is made simply using two separate motifs and interweaving them. A final row then 'locks' them to form the final motif. 

The other later form which involves a long chain which is tied into a knot of some sort is what I personally call Celtic Knot Tatting. A different thing altogether.

Anyway this is a design I did some years ago and it fits into a metal ring (bracelet). 

2 September 2015

That was a day - that was

I'm talking about yesterday. Sue (Pigmini) came round again and we had another great time starting at Chez Eborall and then progressing round the town's charity shops.

At one point we got 'trapped' in a coffee place by the rain so what did we do? Pulled out the shuttles and talked tatty talk!!! We played with a few ideas and ended up learning from each other - as you do.  

After that it was a visit to Poundland and then back for another coffee at home. We talked about all sorts of things and found we had even more in common than we already knew.

So, here's a bookmark I made a week or two ago. It's the Ring of Roses bookmark. Love these two colours but don't ask me what they are!!!

1 September 2015

Round 13

Another round done. Sadly this darn doily has now taken over my life!!! 

I can't seem to leave it alone. Even though each round is longer it seems to go quite quickly. Not sure why!!! 

Before I go - I'm going to put my Etsy shop on vacation shortly just so I don't have to deal with any problems too close to my trip. There's not much in there at the moment and the last few things will go into my suitcase along with lots of other things. I always try to take some bits and pieces to sell at the tatting conferences as any sales help towards the costs of the flights, insurance etc.

31 August 2015

A new member

I received another new bauble/bobble from Helene on Saturday and she's now residing in the Exclusive club as an associate member. 

I've got a feeling that it won't be long before she produces a mouse and becomes a full member. If you want to see who else is in the club then please click here.

These baubles/bobbles are just SO addictive and in case you've forgotten or lost the link then the book can be found here.

29 August 2015

Packing and wondering

As I'm gradually packing things into the suitcase (and carry on) I'm wondering how many of these pests I can take with me. 

Darn things (for those who don't know - they're Canada Geese) are the scourge of the riverside in town. I walk round the recreation ground most days and these pesky things are 'there' and trying to take over from our swans. 

Did you know that a Canada Goose poops 2 lbs a day? Not nice and not healthy either.

Anyway I will be trying to squeeze a few in to return them to the Canadians in a few weeks time -  we don't want them here.

How many do you think I'll manage? 

Kelly - will Dennis and Hannah mind you having a few new 'guests'?  I can re-home them with Ruth if you'd rather!!!!  They're coming, though - whatever you say!!!!

28 August 2015

Another Japanese knot bag

Today I'm showing you another Japanese knot bag. This one is no longer in my possession - it's flown the nest!! 

Sandra (Crazy Mom) gave me the cat fabric and as she has two cats which she is owned by I thought she ought to get a bag!!! Having lost everything in her house fire eighteen months ago I felt she'd need another bag. Also she's teaching at Palmetto next week so it may come in useful to carry her tatting things around in. 

I split the bag with two different fabrics just cause it seemed to be a 'good idea'!!!! I think it looks classy.

27 August 2015

Round 12 completed and more

This is round 12 completed of the Jan doily. I just can't seem to leave the darn thing alone!!! There are many other things I ought to be doing but it just pulls me back each day.

Below the doily is a picture of me (promise - I was sober at the time!) and Sue (Pigmini from Yorkshire) who I met on Tuesday. We've met before and had a good 'tat natter' and this was another occasion for the same thing!!  Poor Chris put up with it well!!!  I think we covered a lot of patterns, threads etc.  Actually didn't really get to talk about much else!!!  Threads, beads, buttons, patterns, hooks, threads, beads, patterns, buttons - well, you get the gist!!!

It was a miserable day (weather wise) so we wandered from coffee shop to library to another coffee place.  That's the way life is in my neck of the woods!!! 

26 August 2015

Two new patterns!

It's happened AGAIN. I'd completely forgotten that I'd done these keys as submissions for last year's Palmetto Tat Days.  When will I remember things?!?!?

I was snurging around on my main computer looking for something or other when I suddenly noticed a key!!!   I had to go and check my web pages to see whether they were 'up there' and lo and behold - they weren't!!!

Well, they are now!!  If you go to the 'Odds and Ends' section you'll find the links there!!! I seem to have a lot of 'odds and ends' lately.

Oh, a thought occurred to me. I suppose you could make a card with an 'key', a 'two' and a 'heart' for a loved one.  Something like a 'key to my (not sure how you'd do 'my') heart'. Next Valentine's day? Anyway, these make lovely pendants too.

25 August 2015

Another seahorse!

Another of the seahorses - just because I like making them!!!! 

Just hoping that the designing 'mojo' will return when I get back from my trip cause if it doesn't then the TIAS won't happen in January!!! 

I have got an idea so don't panic just yet. Just need to sit down and sort it out and retrieve it from BC3 and put it into thread!!!

24 August 2015

Abandonned edging

Not one of my best ideas for colours! This is an edging I started for a handkerchief. A plain white one. 

The thread is from Edda and you can see all about it here.

It's a delight to use and that wasn't why I cut the shuttles off. I just didn't like how it was turning out!!  I think it's a lack of contrast between the plain and the variegated or it could be simply that I didn't really like it for the white hanky.  Just me and my weird way of thinking.

So, I started something else with the same shuttles and I'll show you once it's finished. 

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Happy Beaks
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