25 November 2020

Last time there were 56 motifs

This time there are 64 and I'm still plodding on!!!!

I finally got out my small balls of 60, 70 and 80 threads the other day and have discovered that I can easily use those so the 'running out of thread' problem just WON'T happen which I'm pleased about.

Still not committed to the poncho idea but I'm going to employ another 'tactic' to keep it still interesting.  More next time!!!!

23 November 2020

Onion rings

No, not the sort I prefer (the ones you eat) but the ones you can make with tatting.  
NOT my favourite thing to do but since I've been in deep discussion with Judith Connors she's shown me a really neat way to get the bottom of the onion ring to sit so, so neatly.  In fact my onion rings will now have a neater bottom than ever before!!  I'm so, so grateful for Judith bringing this to my attention and then helping me get the drawings right.  Not easy when you're at opposite ends of the planet!!!

Meantime I must tell you about my woes with the pattern site.  I upgraded the IOS on my computer and then found that the SeaMonkey app (which I've used for many, many years) wouldn't work. Oh, such deep sorrow.  

I asked Sue Duckles if her hubby could help me and he very kindly did his best but the BC3 is allergic to learning html or anything new for that matter.  I did manage to insert some text and a link using a tutorial online but it really 'strained my brain'.  

When I'd almost given up hope but the following day I opened SeaMonkey to find they'd done an update.  Downloaded and installed it and it WORKS again.

20 November 2020

Rock and Roll

No, no, NO!!!  I mean Slope and Roll.  Sheesh - send for BC3 FAST!!!
Seriously now.  Today I'm putting a new page on my pattern pages to show the slope and roll join.

This join was originally shown by Deb Arnold but I can't find a link to her very clear diagram and page about it.   In fact I can't even find her shop anymore which is a shame.  The link from a google search took me to a blank page.

This join is particularly useful if you want/need the core shuttle thread to keep 'on the move' in the join and can replace the lock join to also give a smoother looking join.  

It's a great technique for an onion ring too.  Which reminds me on to tell you that over the weekend I'll be working on getting the onion ring page up on the web site too.  Yes, I've covered this before but that was before I got into a great discussion about onion rings with Judith Connors.  More next week.

18 November 2020

56 motifs done!

Now this measures 10½” x 11½” and I'm trying to decide what to do with it still.

I've had this totally RIDICULOUS idea of making it into a poncho.  How STOOOOOOOOOOOOPID is that?  

I worked it out yesterday and this part is almost ¼ of the way to being a poncho but my new problem will soon be - how much thread will it now need?  I'm rapidly getting down my stock of odds and ends. 

I'm going to do another row and then take a careful stock check of what I've got.  If I'm not careful I'll be finding I've got none of some colours left!!!

16 November 2020

The psychology of tatting

Well, maybe!!!
I was pondering about the whole psychology of this lace or any other craft, come to that.  

I read a lot of blogs and Facebook posts and sadly the main ‘aim’ it seems to me is quick gratification. By that, I mean, people mainly want something small and fast to make.  

This intrigues me as I’ve never felt that way about anything in life.  I’m happy to wait for gratification in all aspects of my life.  I’ll wait for anything.  If I order something online, or in a queue in a shop, waiting for a bus, etc, I don’t mind how long it takes - the anticipation is what makes my adrenaline flow.  I feel almost deflated when the item arrives or I get to the front of the queue.

I occasionally like to make something that only takes an evening but then I’m left with that feeling of ‘what’s next’?  So, to cope with my weird way of dealing with tatting projects is to have two projects (sometimes three) ‘on the go’.  One a short term one and the other a longer one - although I never commit totally to how long that long term one may be as at my age (77) you never know how long ‘long’ will take and if you’ll be around to finish.

So, I would say to the younger generation - make a commitment.  Both to what you’re making now and your life in general.  

Does that make sense and would you like a picture to liven this post up?

13 November 2020

More bells

I’ve been busy doing a few more bells as well as the Fandango ‘whatever it is’ but I’ve hit the skids on what I was planning.
Somewhere I’ve got a dangle with bells and leaves but I’m darned if I can find them.  I’ve hunted high and low for the little box with them in but they’ve hidden themselves really well.  My heart really isn’t in making anymore until I find the missing ones.  This is what I’m looking for.

This is what I’ve got so far - sorry, not a good picture.

Oh, just looked at the date - it’s Friday 13th so maybe I’ll buck the trend and be lucky enough to find the missing bells.  Keep your fingers crossed, please.

11 November 2020

Still plodding on

I've not a lot to show you again this week but hope to be back in full production 'mode' shortly!!!!  
This is the progress I've made on the Fandango project.  

It doesn't look a lot but I really must decide soon what it's going to be!!!  

9 November 2020

Well, well, well!!!!

As you ALL know - America is a BIG place.  I've been so lucky to visit many times over the years and have seen a few parts of the country but it amazes me that suddenly I find that Palmetto Tatters (the main reason for my visits) have moved their venue.  

After Tat Days in 2014 I was 'kidnapped' and taken to the mountains at Lake Junaluska for a few gloriously lazy tatting days.  Wonderful memories of very dear friends.  
Palmetto have had to move from Toccoa in Georgia (because the Baptist Centre there is being sold) and are now going to Lake Junaluska which is near Waynesville in North Carolina.

I've decided not to apply to teach next year as I'm still very wary of the Covid virus but I WILL be trying for a place in 2022!!!  Already got two patterns lined up!!

Well done my lovely Palmetto friends.  Here are a few photos I took when I was there in 2014.  

5 November 2020

30 Fandango’s

.Chilling out with the shuttles and time to add a few more Fandango squares to the ‘whatever it is’.  

I really ought to make up my mind about what I’m making here.  The idea of a sleeveless top appeals to me.  Something like a jacket?  I’m not sure.  All I do know is that it’s making a very small dent in the very fine sewing threads that Sue gave me ages ago!!!!  

If anybody has any suggestions for the project I’d be very grateful.  At the moment it measures 9” by 7”.

2 November 2020

One done and one to do

I’m afraid this blog maybe quiet for a week or two while BC3 adjusts his brain cells!!!
The first secret project is done and due to be handed over later today.  You’ve seen bits of it (the crochet posts) and I’m afraid that’s all I’m allowed to show.  

It was an interesting experience as I had to design a crochet piece to fit onto a template and then that was sewn onto another piece of crochet and another fabric.  

I wrote down the pattern as I went along which was another steep learning curve too.  All I want/need to do now is get back into doing something which doesn’t ‘strain the brain’.  

Bear with me while I adjust, please as I know you’re going to like what I’m working on next!!!

Oh, a picture of another part of the crochet project to cheer up this dull post!!!

30 October 2020

I had to smile!!!

I scanned this part of the secret project before I realised what I was seeing!!!

Can you see an arm with a hand holding a gun?!?!?  Now is that a clue? 

28 October 2020

Snowflower snowflake

I needed to test the pattern out for this snowflake from a few years ago so that meant a happy evening doing something I didn't have to think toooooo hard about!!!! 

26 October 2020

A little bit about

One of my secret projects.  I can't tell you what it's for but I can show you some bits and pieces from this long project.  So far I think I've devoted three full weeks to it but I can now see a little light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

I do have an example to work from but it's testing my poor old BC3 - and my poor old hands too!!!!

23 October 2020

It just HAD to happen!!!

Having received the favourite gold metallic thread from Estonia last week I felt a massive sense of relief and set off to make some bauble bells.
Here's the link to my post about the metallic thread but what I didn't tell you is how tough it is!!!  

When I make the bauble bells (pattern here - which is really only guidance as you can make them bigger) I really tug and tug on the ribs and on the core chain thread too and this never EVER breaks this metallic thread.  

I made a set which you can see here and they were sold magnificently in the silent auction last year at Palmetto Tat Days.  I'm thinking this time I might cover some large beads using this pattern instead of leaves in between!!  

21 October 2020

Snowflake Butterfly

Sorry but this took a day longer than I thought.  Guess what happened?

Anyway, here's the link now and I hope one or two of you may make it and show it to me over the next few years!!!  

That's unless, of course, you get sidetracked too!!!!

19 October 2020

Sally's version

Way back in January before the world went into chaos I designed a little butterfly which I showed you here.  This is a blog post that I had ready back then but it's been sitting in drafts ever since!!!
"I asked Sally if she had time to test this Butterfly Snowflake and she did but typical of sisters - she had ‘another good idea’ and I think it’s a stonking GREAT idea.

Can you see what she’s done? She’s added two further rings to the tip of the snowflake arms. I LOVE it and will add it to the pattern - when I get back to it.

Yes, you’ve guessed - I’ve been sidetracked yet again!!!"

Sidetracked is right.  Here I am now in October and I suddenly noticed that the above comment and Sally's snowflake were sitting here on my blog!!!  

Fortunately I've only got a bit of tidying up to do so should have this pattern ready for you tomorrow.  Of course, that depends on if I get sidetracked once again!!!

16 October 2020

25 and counting

Well, hopefully I've counted properly this time!!  Only one person picked up on my inability to count!!!
My last post here was not 13 plus or minus anything!!!  I think it's time I went back to school!!!

This time I think I've used all my fingers and toes to count but had to add one hand again!!!  I know this is 25!!

An update on my two secret projects.  One is almost ready for the 'real deal'.  The thing I've been asked to do is a wavy shaped piece of crochet to fit a very specific shape/place.  Fortunately I've had a practice item to work with but even that has not been easy.  The lady made me a template as this is all 3D too and that has helped loads.  Shortly the 'real deals' will arrive and hopefully I'll be able to settle down to those.  

Once I've got them done then it'll be back to the other secret project!!!!

14 October 2020

My FAVOURITE metallic thread

Un flipping believable.

For two years now I've been waiting for a supplier of thread here in the UK to get a certain metallic thread back in her shop.  I'm afraid I have nagged a bit too and I apologise for that!!!
It’s the only metallic thread I’ve ever really rated on all scores - Nakis Simi.  I simply LOVE it.  I bought some off her a year or more ago but it was purple and I really wanted gold as I have very little left.  I like the Lizbeth range of metallics but found it works up a little too 'fat' for me.  I guess that maybe it's because I'm getting a little too 'fat' myself!!!

I actually had time the other day to ask Mr Google about it and he found me some in Estonia.  

Now that’s a long way to go to find thread but needs must.  I ordered two spools.

It cost me £10.50 which was mainly for postage.  Each spool costs under a pound so it was a lot for postage. BUT considering it arrived in ten days and that if I’d ordered within the UK it may have cost me two pounds or more in postage alone then it’s amazing value.  

AND I know I love it and each spool will last forever - there's soooo much on each one (100 metres).  I ordered two spools.  This is the link to the shop if you want to browse and this is the link to my all time favourite metallic thread

I use it a lot for making bells using the bauble method and do have a pattern for that on my web site here.  The pictures show bells I made with the Nakis Simi too.

Amazing company and I'm now thinking I really, really need some more silver!!!

12 October 2020

Monday Moan - just a simple question

When somebody accuses you of an action, in public, that you know nothing about and had no part in then why can't they say 'sorry' when they know they're wrong?

To cheer you up - a photo from one of my recent walks.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.