30 April 2020

A bit of a rush!

We've had glorious weather lately - until Tuesday when it rained ALL day and went VERY cold. 

This was such a shame as some lovely neighbours were celebrating their silver wedding anniversary and invited us all to join them in celebrating the event. Naturally as we're all in meltdown (lockdown) we couldn't go into their house so (as is normal in our road lately) we met in the freezing cold in the road to raise our glasses to them.

I wanted to give them something special but couldn't get out to the shops (IF any were open) so decided to do a bit of tatting - but what? Well in the afternoon I was searching through the tatting cupboard for ideas for earrings when I spotted a brass heart that I've had for years. I bought three of them and had used one for another present so remembered that this pattern would fit it.

My poor old fingers absolutely flew to get it done in time but then I hit the problem of using invisible thread to anchor it to the brass frame!!! I just hope they like it!!!

29 April 2020


Now it's been some time since I did this pattern and it's lovely when somebody contacts me to say they've made them. 

Crikey - it's 13 years ago!!! Where does time go?

Anyway, a week or two ago Yvonne contacted me and she came back with these. This was her comment when I asked permission to blog them.

"Sure you can blog them. I used the bits of card in between teabags in the twinings tea boxes for my bookmarks.
I am now trying to master Maltese tatting. Thanks for your help. Regards, Yvonne"  

Good luck with Maltese, Yvonne - it's many years since I did that form of tatting although I think there maybe a butterfly on my site somewhere!!!!!

Here are Yvonne's emotitats.

28 April 2020

Hanky - round one?

During the GREAT TIDY UP of the tatting cupboard I came across this hanky.

I've a feeling it came from Handy Hands as a wee gift in their newsletter. I know it's been waiting for my attention for a good long while!!!

The reason I've not done anything with it before (I do like doing hanky edgings) is because it has holes in the edges. I've never wanted to tat straight onto a hanky before but decided now was the time to 'give it a whirl'!!! 

This is simply a lock chain with a picot in the middle. It needs another round but it'll have to wait a while until an idea pops into my aged brain!!!

27 April 2020

A new blanket

Well I said I would and so I did!!! 

I started another blanket.

Having made the first one I will tell you know that I learned a LOT. The one thing I did pick up from mistakes was that I kept losing my place - my starting point. This is why the yellow marked square (bottom right) has a thread running through it. It's to tell BC3 that that's where square 1 is. 

On the last blanket I had no idea where my starting point was after a while so I thought this idea or marking it with a strand of thread which I can later pull out may help. 

Again this is the site I used to help me and I still regularly check it out to see whether it's a square one, square 2, square 3 etc that I need to do next and WHERE!!!

23 April 2020

Sewing a bag

Back in the winter a friend that I see at Zumba handed me some upholstery samples that her husband had finished with.

They're rather gorgeous and are from a really expensive supplier so these were quite a challenge. 

I put them on the table in the conservatory (my summer sewing place!) and would walk past them and look and look at them deciding what to do.

Well last week I decided they 'had to go' so I got the sewing machine out and started looking at them closely again. 

Here are a few of them - some were lurking under a pile of other fabric when I wanted to find them and couldn't!!!

Medina - progress

Sorted - I think!!!

Took me two more attempts to get it right but I think this is a much easier tat with the lock chains. 

The BIG problem with lock chains is how to put a picot on them. In the end I resorted to doing it a new way - sort of. It's pretty easy and you'll see when I get the pattern on my site that I've got a new way of notating this too.

If anybody wants to test tat it please do drop me a line but it'll need doing pretty quickly or I'll forget all about putting this on the pattern site!!   You know me and BC3 - I'm always finding half finished ideas on my system!!! 

It’s a challenging piece to tat but a lot easier with the lock chains so a little experience would be needed - if you want to test tat it.

Next project?  Turning Medina into an angel with lots of beads!!!

21 April 2020

Progress on the knitted blanket

I've finished the blanket.

No idea what I'm going to do with it but it'll have to go out of the house sometime. One of my neighbours has a son who works in a care home so I'm hoping he can take it there to be used. It's a large lap blanket size. 

Guess what? I've started another!!! I must admit to enjoying doing this pattern very much. This is the link to the knitting squirrel where I got it from. 

I've had to start another as I've still got loads of yarn left!!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!

I really need to press/block this sometime but I did put on a crochet border and since then I've not been in the right frame of mind to get the ironing board out!!! Also I need to ask Mr Google the best way to make this look a lot neater!!

17 April 2020

Medina 2nd post

Again I used size 20 thread but this time, to keep the chains more easily managed, I used a half double double stitch for them. Progress was made on sorting it out but I'm not happy at all as it's lost it's delicacy with these chains.

I also reckon it's not a size 20 project either and looked again at Louise's Juliana for which she used size 40. That's going to be my next attempt but without the half double double stitch. 

I think a lot more thought is needed on those!!!

16 April 2020

Tidy for now

I completely forgot to show you my tatting corner and cupboard after I'd tidied it so here it is.

OK so it's not 'that' tidy but I've actually reorganised a lot of things and since then not been able to find certain things as you can imagine!!! 

The loom 'thing' on the second picture was given to me and I'm not sure what it's really for. Probably bead work but it's been hanging around for ages waiting for me to look at it properly!!! Maybe during lockdown I'll get roundtoit!!!!

Do you see the boxes on the bottom picture at the top and on the left? That's where tatting goes when it's finished. There's probably 20/30 years worth of bits and pieces in there but I've no idea where the previous thirty plus years of work went!!  Oh, there's another box somewhere too and a very small suitcase which has some in as well - ah, that's where a lot of the old stuff is, I think!!!

15 April 2020

Let's talk about Medina

Now I KNOW you're going to ask 'who the heck is ‘Medina'!! Well Medina is the name of the pattern I've chosen to translate and write up next.  Let me tell you the story!!!

Many years ago Riet in The Netherlands gave me three little tatting pattern booklets. Obviously they were in Dutch which sort of put me off. Nevertheless I found a pattern I really, really liked and decided that I'd make it - and failed on the first few rounds!! 

Well, a few years later I went back to that pattern (Juliana) and settled down to translate it and also make it. When I'm designing I always type as I go so that I can easily go back and change stitch counts etc. Eventually I finished the pattern and it's on my site here.

During the process I tried and tried to find out who the designer was. I even wrote to the publishing company but never had a reply. The rest of this fascinating story can be found here.

So during the first week of meltdown (whoops, lockdown) I decided after Louise showed me her version of Juliana that it was time for another delve into the booklets. Why does my heart rule my head? I decided on this pattern.

Am I bonkers? YES!! 

This is my first attempt with dreadful size 20 thread and a lot of trepidation!!! All the chains are regular chains which twist and turn all over the place!!! 

14 April 2020

3 Eggs

There's a delightful family who live across the road from us. We have a very localised Facebook page which is limited to our two roads and she put a notice on there asking if there were any kiddies that she could give little Easter eggs to. 

Well me being me made a jokey reply saying there were two old kids at our address and on Sunday morning I found two little eggs on the doorstep.

Now, as I said before, this family are delightful and so I wanted to do something back for them. Consequently (after another gardening stint) I sat down and made them these eggs. I didn't think the hubby would appreciate one so I made one for mum and the others for the two daughters. Well, that's not strictly true as one is now grownup and at university but you get my meaning, I'm sure!!!!

If you want the pattern in time for next Easter then the link is here. 

By the way, I went shopping last Thursday and there were queues which I'd not seen the week before. I puzzled about it for quite a while and then the penny dropped!!! It must be Easter weekend coming up!!! Since retirement and not now being 'governed' by school holidays I've lost track of some things. Bring back BC3, I say although I think he's only useful for tatting!!!!

10 April 2020

I blame Louise!!!

Thanks entirely to Louise who showed us all her gorgeous version of Juliana last Monday (here’s the link) I decided to get the Dutch pattern books out once again!!!  You probably spotted them on my post a few days ago!

I've found several that appeal to me so I've scanned them and am ready to play with the translations and drawings!!! This is the one I've chosen for starters and it’s called Strikje Medina (Bow Medina).  I've probably not chosen the easiest pattern once again (as usual) but I do like a challenge and it's GOT to be easier than Juliana!!!

It appeals to me as I can 'see' it on the neckline of a t-shirt or blouse and worked in a 40 thread I think it'll do really well.

I showed the picture to Judith Connors as we’ve been chatting about this, tat and t’other and she immediately ‘saw’ an angel.  So, once I’ve got it all worked out I’ll turn it into one.  I’ll do the bow first as it’ll give me an idea on how to make the head too!!!  

9 April 2020

Look what I found!

All this being kept in prison has made me make another tentative start on tidying up.

I found these notes that I did long before I had a computer. This is how I used to work and tomorrow I’ll show you an insight into how I work now!!! These were designs done when I was teaching four/five year old kiddies and I made earrings to amuse them (and myself). I think these notes are from around 30 years ago.

Apologies for the blue mark on these photos - not sure what caused that - except lack of concentration on what I was doing!!

8 April 2020

Hard at work!

Before I start I want to apologise for the adverts on my blog.  I didn’t realise that they were so intrusive so have changed the settings.  I only run ads so I can afford to keep my pattern site going.  

I promised you yesterday that I’d show you how I work when I start on a new pattern so I’ve taken several screenshots of my screen (isn’t that a silly thing to say?) to show you.

This is the big computer I usually work on and the set up I use when I'm working.  I’m currently translating, drawing, writing the text and standing on my head while working  on a new Dutch pattern - more about that in a couple of days. 

You'll see that I've got several windows open while I'm working. There's the text document (I'm using Pages), the drawing package (EazyDraw) and also Google translate on my browser. Also a scanned copy of the pattern too. 

Also you’ll notice the rather large cup of half drunk coffee plus the inevitable mess that I seem to constantly have around me!!!

7 April 2020

Playing with Suffolk Puffs

Our Tuesday group decided that this year we wouldn't make a quilt to raise money for local charities. Good job we didn't in the light of recent events. 

Instead we decided to make Suffolk Puffs and use them on cushions. Well I set off making some but found they just weren't clicking with me. One day I remembered making clowns out of them for my kids and remembered the hours and hours it took to make even one!!! 

Most of my friends are covering their cushions in 'just puffs' but I decided mine simply HAD to be a clown which I'm hoping will appeal to people who have grandkids!!!

I finally finished it - took simply AGES to sew it all down but it's ready for when we can finally get them all auctioned or raffled. Sometime in September, we're hoping. Still it kept me out of mischief for a while!!!

6 April 2020

Sequin pattern ready for tatting!!!

Finally I've got it sorted!!! There are three versions to this pattern as you've probably realised!!! 

There's the simple one with just double picots, another with a simple long beaded picot and the third has two long beaded picots which interlink. There's a page here which will explain this better if you get stuck!!!

Now there is something interesting about this little motif which I'm quite pleased with. 

I've used two beads in each one placing them 'back to back'. These sequins have two holes in them (which you'll need for the pattern) BUT if you've only got one hole at the edge it's really easy to 'poke' another hole opposite with a pin or needle!! I've tried it!!! 

3 April 2020

Three for the price of one!

I had to play more with the sequins and have now got three 'versions' of it.  Just need to get the pattern sorted and it will be yours!!!  Naturally there won't really be a 'price' on them!!!

Now where did I leave BC3 - I need him to start on something new although I've no idea what!!!!

1 April 2020

Another play with the sequin

I did a boo boo on Sunday and let out a post before I wanted it to go.  This one should’ve gone before it.  I have had this happen before when scheduling posts at the end of a month.  I forget to change the calendar to the next month!!  

Here you go. Another play with the new sequins which you can see here too.

This time I thought I'd try using a double picot in the outer round but there's still something very fundamentally wrong with the whole thing. I did these about two weeks ago and then put them to one side - because I'm just not happy with them.

Ah, maybe that's what I ought to do - settle BC3 down to finish these off and make more decisions on what's wrong with them. OK - that's what I'll do during this weird time of so many restrictions.

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