22 May 2012


Just one today - what a waste of paper and time!!!

Still tomorrow (which will be the penultimate doodle page) will be my favourites of all.  REALLY looking forward to sharing it.  Shall I give you a clue?  No, sorry, I can't think of one!!!!

I'm about to embark on another sewing stint but not roly poly bags or accessories - they are just sitting in the shop so there's no need for more and I'll have to buy in zips, labels etc if I do ever do more.  This time it's something else that's brewing in my head!!!

21 May 2012

Swan and Turtle

Good Monday morning and another dreary, cold day here in my neck of the woods!!!

Today's offering is a swan and a turtle.  Not sure if swans and turtles really go together but it's a case of whatever fits on a page!!!  My excuse is that they both live in/on/near water.  Will that do as an excuse?

Here they are in all their 'glory'!!!

19 May 2012

Another big thank you

Now you're NEVER going to believe this - two packages on the same day sent by the same person but a week apart!!!!  No, not that bit - that's easy to believe with American Snail AND Royal Fail post!!!  What you won't believe is the colours of the threads so I'm going to show you.  They totally and utterly zing a ding ding and in fact look even better than in the scan.  Jessi has them on sale in her Etsy shop here.  Well, perhaps not the exact same colours but another huge tempting range!!

I had to scan the one envelope that they came in too because Jessi (the kind OG spoiler) has a wee daughter called Olivia who is somewhat of an artist.  You can see my beautifully decorated package below too.  In fact unlike my normal behaviour (rip it open!!!) I scanned this before I  opened the packet in case I ruined the picture.  I didn't anyway so that's a relief - it remains intact.

In the second wee packet were some googly eyes, sequins etc - I'll be going completely googly myself after Guni sent me some t'other day!!!  These are different and have a small sort of space on the back (you can see on the bottom scan below).  I can see how you can pull a picot through that already.  See also the wee heart sewn onto the bag?  That's Jessi's single shuttle heart.

Thank you SO MUCH, Jessi - do hope you make it to Palmetto so that we can meet. 

18 May 2012


Rabbits - or in this house, wabbits!!!  Yes, that's what I have for today!!!

Fortunately they haven't bred like wabbits (yet) and I hope they don't as I can't afford the lettuce needed to feed them!!!

Just read that last paragraph and I think I'm going (or, have gone) senile!!!!  Anyway, here they are - 2 sizes again!!!!!

There are more doodles waiting in the queue so don't go away!!!  Next week should see the finish of them all and then I have two more projects to share!!!

17 May 2012

Squirrel and Acorn

Doodle service will now be resumed!!!!  

Today I bring you a squirrel.  Sorry, no, let me start again.  Today I bring you TWO squirrels and an acorn.  That's a bit of a cheat really as it's the same squirrel but in two different sizes!!!!  The acorn is the same size and is drop dead simple.  

Here they are and the link is here.

16 May 2012

Interruption to doodles!!!

I know I was going to show you doodles all week but I'm afraid there's going to be an interruption today!!!  Why?  Well because I've got something to show off.  Blatantly and proudly show off.  Anyway I think you're all getting bored with doodles as there haven't been many comments lately and I think a lot of people have either wandered off or fallen asleep!!!

Yesterday the postie came to our house - without any bills (they all seem to appear in my inbox nowadays) but with a small box from America.  Inside was a shuttle from Chris and Erin Hinton - with MY NAME on it.  It's one of 'those' shuttles that you can't help stroking and stroking - very tactile.  I think it must be to do with the wood as that's what happens when Sally and 'im in the garage send me the Pop A Bobbins - I have to stroke them too.  

Ah, I've got it - I'm a 'secret shuttle stroker'.  Does this mean I've got a mental health problem or is it normal, do you think?  Here is the shuttle - both sides.  Wonderful.

15 May 2012


Nearly forgot to get today's blog post done.  Had a bad day yesterday and 'lost my lunch' after taking pills for a headache.  I don't get headaches very often and did yesterday - the pills just didn't like me and I didn't like them apparently!!  So that put me in bed for the afternoon but I bounced back after a kip!!!

So, today I have an angel - on the lines of yesterday's doodles.  Also a star - again using my favourite lock chains.  OOOOPS, nearly forgot the link although you can get to it from the main doodles page - IF I've remembered to upload that as well!!!!

Other work (new stuff) is also happening and I'll show you that when I've finished with doodles - probably finish with those by this time next week.

14 May 2012

Man & Woman Doodles

Back to the doodles again and today I've got a little man and a woman.  I think this is an intriguing tat as it might 'stretch' the person making them.  Only a bit but it does reveal the 'darker' side of brain cell # 3!!!!
Have I told you?  I love lock chains!!!!  They're specially 'useful' for doodles I think.  More options as they're so much slimmer than regular chains and a lot prettier too when using two colours or variegated threads.

12 May 2012

Big thanks.

I'm getting behind with other tatting things due to the excitement of getting rid of the doodles!!!  More doodles on Monday as I've had a lot of 'sillies' to sort out in 'real life' over the past 24 hours.  Yes, I do have a 'real life' when I leave Tat Land for a few minutes each day.  Fortunately I'm easily re-captured and sent back to my 'proper place'!!!

Two thanks today - one to Ginny for a copy of her 12 Ornaments of Christmas Book 2.  I was one of her test tatters for this venture of hers and got to do the one at the very bottom on the right (a magnificent spider).  I couldn't finish either of the two projects as I didn't have the right size of baubles.  In fact I don't have any baubles!!!!!

The other thanks goes to Gunhild and Pimboli who sent the bag of googly eyes!!!!  The problem is that I now feel that somebody is watching me wherever I go!!!!  See the green case for tissues?  Well, Gunhild made that herself.  Love the wooden 'J' too and the note from both Gunhild and Pimboli!!!
Thank you kind tatters.  An OG is very happy here in her corner of Tat Land (and it isn't raining either)!!!!

11 May 2012

Cat and Mouse

First today let me tell you about another 'thing' I've done - with permission, of course.  Did you see this post by Krysteldawne?  Well I've not tried it yet - keep meaning to but I will in due course!!!  I asked her if she'd like me to add it to my 'guest designers' page on my site (I have plenty of room!) and she said 'yes'.  So, here it is.  Krysteldawne has found her own hosting site which she mentions here but it's always good to have your 'stuff' in more than one place, I think!!!!

So, on to today's doodles!!!  The cat is again a refurbished one from a previous reincarnation but the mouse is new.  Wonder if they'll 'meet' each other?  Here's the link.

Our cat had us trapped in the house one summer a few years ago.  She kept bringing in mice one after another - up to six in a day.  Trouble was she released them dead or alive anywhere she felt like it.  One morning I woke to find a dear little perky mouse sitting on the floor by my side of the bed looking SO cute.   Fortunately the only problems we have with Tilly now is a race to the bathroom in the morning.

10 May 2012

Seahorse and Fish

Today I've uploaded the seahorse and fish doodles.  The seahorse is similar (maybe even the same!) as the earring pattern.  I'll check that later!!  The fish has also been an earring too.  

I've also added more 'decorations' to the doodle front page.  So easy to do when you've got brain cell # 3 on board!!!

I'll slowly be getting to the new ones over the next few days - or week!!!!  Loads to sort and I promise you I'm keeping the best til later!!!!

9 May 2012

I'm SUCH a good old git!

Remember I mentioned I'd sorted and updated my spreadsheet with the tatting books on?

Well I then decided to make a list of threads I've got with quantities, numbers etc.  I started in on the number 20's.  I've listed those under 'make, colour, shade, number and name (if they had one) with a rough note of how much was on a ball.  By that I mean 'full, half full, quarter full'.

It took me ages to do and I was surprised at how I'd managed to get a few repeats over the years.  I have enough orange/rust to last me and my descendants about 200 years!!!!

Having done the 20's I moved on to do the 40's.  That's all I'm going to do - too much like hard work!!!

The main reason for doing this is so that when I get to Palmetto I'll know what I've got back at home - watch out vending room here I come!!

I've also managed to add another doodle page - the giraffe and a new tree.  I've 'titivated' the giraffe and the tree can have a longer trunk if required.

8 May 2012

First doodles

I'm still slowly sorting out all the doodles I made back in January and am going to upload them onto my web site.  The first few 'lots' will just be the ones you've seen before - but updated!!!    In fact I've already got a few up there already.  In some cases newer techniques have been used but in most it's just a matter of new drawings and an easier to read font with a general 'tidy up' for now!!!!  

Here are some more.  A few days ago I added the two caterpillars, the owl, dog and teddybear, the very small butterfly and a couple of more doodles.  They take ages to get sorted and put in the right places so please bear with me.

7 May 2012

Absolutely nothing to say except


AND my sister's coming too.  Now what could be better than that.

Please visit the TIAS blog here too - another goat has arrived.

5 May 2012

Don't forget!!

Don't forget that this evening (that's MY this evening) I will be releasing the new batch of shuttles - see this link.
I've also managed to finish, photograph, pack and list all the bags - that kept me quiet for ages!!!  

I'm in the doldrums at the moment over tatting.  Not sure why either.  I've got lots of stuff to upload but don't seem to have the time to do that (thanks to bags and shuttles!!).  New ideas seem to be either lacking or 'not working properly'.

Maybe a long, wet Bank Holiday this weekend will give me time to get the odds and ends done.  Perhaps a pattern fest next week, eh?

4 May 2012

New book

Yesterday I spent hours sorting through my tatting books.

When I first had a computer I set up a spreadsheet to record all my books.  On and off over the years I've updated this - always trying to remember to do it when I received a new book.  That just didn't work!!!!  So thanks to Sherry I decided to spend time getting it sorted after a few years of neglect.  I must apologise to Sherry Pence for taking so long to say thank you to her publicly and to show you her book.  She's selling it on her Etsy shop here.

I was honoured to be asked to test tat for this book but my heart dropped when I saw it was going to be all about encapsulation!!  Not my favourite topic.  But I got 'stuck in' and found I really enjoyed it.  It's a really cool book and I know I'm going to return to it time and time again.

Sherry sent me a copy to say thank you but I was a bit disappointed as she hadn't signed it.  There's nothing like having a 'signed by the author' copy of a book.  Anyway, you can see I got round my 'problem' and I've stuck her little note inside the front cover.  There, you see - job done.

It's only in later years that I've come to value signed books as when I met Elgiva Nichols back in 1976 and bought her book off her she insisted she signed it.  I didn't give it much thought back then but now I really value that signature and the book too.

3 May 2012

More shuttles and bags

I'm fed up with blogger - for the past nearly two weeks my posts haven't gone out when I've scheduled them and so the one about 'making bags' didn't go out for several days because I just didn't notice!!!  That also says a lot about brain cell 3 not behaving either.  

Well I'm pleased to tell you that all bags are now made and ready to go 'live' along with more shuttles.  My poor old rear end has been stuck to the chair in front of the sewing machine for days on end!!!

Each is a full set (roly poly, poke proof and bobbin holder) although I am selling them separately.  Well, I still need to pack them and list them in drafts.

YES, I did also say more shuttles!!!

They'll all go 'live' on Saturday at 20.00 BST (British Summer Time).  I'm doing it to help out if people want several things.  Postage has gone up in the U.K. again, I'm afraid.  If I have overcharged on the postage (although I have checked at the Post Office) I'll refund through Paypal as usual - some of you know I do that anyway if I find too much has been paid.

Here is a list of shuttles available this next time.  They all have hooks except the post shuttle which has butterflies on each side.  Must nudge 'im in the garage into making some more 'hooks with hats on' too.

Oregon Myrtle 3
Black Walnut 3
Cherry 3
Apple 3
Pear 3
Yew 3
Oak 2
Maple 3
Holly 1
Teak Post Shuttle 1

2 May 2012

Reversible motif

Now this is something that I like a lot.  It's a pattern I did years ago (just checked - 2002) and I often wonder how I did it!!!  Here's the link.  

I was thinking the other day and realised that it might make a good pendant so that's what I did!!!!

Oh, part of the 'excuse' I used for making a pendant is due to a casual remark by Sharren on one of her blog posts - I NAME AND SHAME Sharren!!!!

I can't find the particular sentence but it made me stop and think about how to add a finding inside a ring.  Now I'm sure that Jon or somebody else has done a tutorial on it but me, being me and sorta a bit thick at times I didn't really 'see' it.  Then Sharren got me thinking again so I needed an excuse to play with the idea.

1 May 2012

Oh, SO simple edging again

Two days ago I had a lovely message from Marjolein Mieras in The Netherlands. She said:-

"I want to thank you so much for the pattern of the “Oh SO simple edging”.
I am a beginning needle tatter, but the pattern was very clear.
Here is a picture of my edging - I used it on a crazy quilt block".

Here is a link to Marjolein's blog where she explains why she has put the three arrows there.
Thank you, Marjolein for sending me these wonderful pictures - I love your colours.

30 April 2012

More bags!!!

Well it's rained and rained and rained lately which we badly needed.  Time to cut out more bags!!!

This will be the last lot EVER.  Well, that's how I feel at the moment!!!  I'm easily bored with things!!

In the top pile you can just see a very pretty black background with read cherries on.  Also there's a lovely beigey coloured print with old fashioned air balloons.

On the top of the bottom pile is a navy piece with gold cherubs and stars on.  That's the 20 'sets' all piled up and waiting for me to make a start!!!

Every 'set' consists of the roly poly bag, a poke proof pouch AND a six 'shot' bobbin holder.  This is going to keep me busy for a week or two, I think!!!

28 April 2012

Thoughts of an OG!!

Now when I listed the last lot of bags in my Etsy shop I wondered which would be the most popular.  I have little guessing games with myself!!!   You've heard that the first sign of madness is talking to yourself - well the next stage is playing games with yourself!!!

It's well known in tat land that chocolate goes with tatting (being careful, of course, not to get it on your work) so I naturally thought that the fabric with chocolates would fly out of the shop.  DUH, I was SO wrong!!!  It's a lovely fabric and one I love using.  Is it 'just me' that likes it?

I also thought those with the tatting shuttles (well, they look like that to me!!) and pansies would go fast too but they're still there.  

Isn't it a good thing that we're not all alike!!!

27 April 2012

Spring is in the air!

Before I start today - just to let you know that blogger (bless them) are having problems with scheduled posts.  A lot of us are finding that our posts (which we've set to go at certain times) just ain't behaving.  Easy to get around if you've got a brain and are near a computer at the time or shortly after - but ..........

Even OG's like me get mildly excited when Spring shows itself!!!  
After the flurry of sorting out all the patterns I submitted for a teaching job at Palmetto I wanted/needed pure relaxation and a thought occurred to me!!

I usually (as  you've probably noticed) use number 20 threads for most things as this is what was readily available in local shops when I was a kid.  I also think it's ideal for most of what I use my tatting for - throwing in boxes in the cupboard!!!  Seriously I do wear/use a lot of my stuff and I find this thickness is wearable and washable.

BUT I DO love using size 40 and finer and love size 80 too.  So for pure relaxation I turned this time to size 40.  I have been a very spoilt old git over the past few years by people sending me lots of lovely HDT.  I had quite a few eazy bobs with size 40 on so out they came along with my container of 'all 40's').  So this wee mat was made with - HDT, Omega, Coats, Lizbeth and probably  other threads too!!!  I finished it a few weeks ago then forgot it - as usual!!!!

I think this has turned out to be very 'Spring like'.  Oh, the pattern is this one.  The version without the SCMR.  It's the same as the HWT one that I showed you yesterday but this probably 'needs' a finishing row.  Not sure.  Maybe.  One day.  Perhaps!!!!

26 April 2012

HWT finished

I've just realised - I haven't shown you what happened to the motifs I was fiddling with - those made with the Hand Woven Threads (HWT)!!  Here it is finally finished.  I actually did finish it last week (or the one before - probably) and then did what I usually do - flung it in a storage box!!!  

I'm not too sure about the final round so it may well go 'under the scissors) when I'm next in the right mood for it.

25 April 2012

Hanky again

Well here is the edging on the handkerchief.  I sewed it on with the usual invisible thread.  Boy that stuff drives me MAD.  Well, that's not strictly true - I should say madder!!!

I used the 'Oh, so simple' edging again - probably because I'm getting boring in my old age!!!!

I gave the hanky to Julia on Monday and she's now thinking of embroidering the bride and groom's initials on there - or something to make it even more special. It's just the right size to be framed too.

I used size 80 (ish) thread for it.

24 April 2012

Now what is this?

Let me tell you.  It's a handkerchief.  It's for a very special wedding next month.  BUT you may ask why is the silly old git showing you THAT?  Well, let me explain.

Remember Julia my star tatter who I met at the Buzz?  Well she asked me if I'd make her a hanky edging for a wedding gift.  Of course I said yes as I love people asking me to make things.  So, we had a discussion and I said it would be easier for me if she gave me a hanky to work from (size is the thing with edgings!).  

The next time I saw her she brought me the one you see below.  BUT what you don't know yet is that she MADE it.  Yes, honestly this is what she made.  It's beautifully sewn too.  It's drawn thread work and the mitred corners are perfect.  I DO hope you can see how well made it is.

23 April 2012

Final version!

Now you've seen the original done on the CD and the one with the gaping hole in.  So, here's the new version done round a bead!!!!  Bit of a change, eh?

The pattern is now available here.  It's a really, really simple one with just rings, chains and the 'odd' split ring.  This design just begs to be used with colours.  Any and all colours.  These have been done with just two but you could easily use four in each motif and I've a feeling that's what I did with some of the original ones.

Naturally these are using Lizbeth colours too.  I'm hopeless at putting the names to them but I assure you that they are Lizbeth.  

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.