11 December 2014

I had two purple days!!!!

Still plodding on with these - in between other things!!! You've probably gathered by now that I tend to have a few things on the go at the same time - or it appears I have!!!

Actually I rarely have more than two on the go. A project and something to go to when I fall out with that - often a hanky edging. 

So the reason that I don't show you all of a project at once is so I don't frighten you all away with boredom - oh, and myself too!!! I get terribly bored with me so don't want to inflict that on others too.

So, today, two purple Inside Out Snowflakes!!!  That was definitely a 'purple day' when I made those!!!

10 December 2014

Earrings with doodads.

Now I already have a pair of earrings like this in cream and black with the same beads and which I LOVE and wear a lot. The doodads are some that were given to me but I'm very sorry I can't remember who sent them. If anybody wants this pair (for the cost of postage + a little bit towards thread or a swap) then please shout. 

I've very few of these findings left and I'm going to make more before the mood leaves me and THEN I'll devise a way of making the same pattern but without doodads!!!  Watch this space!!!!

9 December 2014

Another start!!

Having made the Once in a Lifetime Doily in green and red I decided that I really wanted to see it in other contrasting colours.

So, off I went again on another one!!! This is the centre.

8 December 2014

Ready, Steady ....... not yet!!!

Not quite yet!!!!

So does anybody want to play with the new Tat It And See (TIAS) in January?

If you do then here's the link to the introduction. Please read it carefully to the end as the start date is there!!

Oh, yesterday I changed the layout of this page - just because I didn't like it when I read it again!!!!  Here's yet another snowflake!!!

6 December 2014

Back to the giveaways

I know snow is white but I've always been contrary and I suppose you can't teach an old dog like me new tricks - like being 'normal'!!!

I must admit I love this one and may actually keep it. 

There again I never get round to putting my tatting on a tree or even around the house except for the odd thing here and there!!! As for doilies - I haven't the sort of house that would ever have a space for them. Clutterful is a good description!!!

Many years ago I used to have a tidy house and I did have the odd doily out too but nowadays - no way.  I love clutter!!!

5 December 2014

Doily finished

I finished this Once in a Lifetime doily a few days ago. 

This will be a present for a friend.

Now I've made it in this colour I want to make it again - still experimenting with colours and climbing out with the lopsided sort of SSSR.

4 December 2014


Two years ago I made these earrings. I haven't worn them a lot until recently when I found that I kept going back to them and wearing them a LOT. I must admit I now love them. So, a few days ago I made myself a pair in black and cream.

THEN I decided to go for more cheerful colours and finally I ran out of doodads!!!!

Interestingly I suddenly remembered that back two years ago I'd started doing a pattern based on this idea but without doodads as people wouldn't always have those at hand or be able to get them. Here's a link to the pair I made then. 

Obviously I wasn't happy with them as I didn't finish the project!!!  So over the past week or so I've been working on a better design which I'll be able to share soon. Watch this space!!!!

3 December 2014

Bessie Attenborough

A few days ago I was wandering back through the town after my walk round the rec and I decided to pop into a second hand book shop.  I go in there every two months or so 'just in case'!!!!!  

Well I found this book.  The hardback version of 'The Craft of Tatting' by Bessie M Attenborough.  Now I really should've left it there as I've got a copy which I bought in 1972 or thereabouts when it first came out.  In fact mine looks much the worse for wear even though it's only been used by me.  It was one of my favourites as in those days pattern books were few and far between.

Having liberated this book which has hardly been used (it's an ex library copy as you can see by the second picture) I now realise that I must part company with it.  I do NOT need any more clutter round me than I have already!!!!  So, if anybody wants it they can have it for five pounds plus postage.   Just email me and the first person who replies gets it!!!!!  

2 December 2014

Getting on with

I'm still doing other things but every so often I make a snowflake for my giveaways.   I like this pink one most of all - so far!!!

It's very strange but my tradition of making snowflakes for the giveaways has been going on for probably 12 - 15 years but I never EVER put any on our tree!!!  I've got loads I could put on but never bother!!!!

I do have my range of Christmas solar jigglies which will go in the windows later today with a bit of luck.  This year I found four new ones in Poundland.  I'll show you another day.

1 December 2014

A sort of technique!!!!

Not sure if you remember the phase I went through of making magnetic bookmarks?  Anyway, I did and loved making them before BC3 came up with a better idea - the Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It bookmarks which are impossible to lose.  

So, when making those bookmarks I enclosed a magnet with a tatted edge which covered over and lay on each side.  I've put a picture on here using a curtain ring to show how it sits.

Anyway, to get to the point - I decided that this idea needed sharing so that others may use it.  I wasn't quite sure whether to call it a technique or a pattern but in the end decided that it was really a technique as it can be easily adapted to whatever the  user requires.  Here's the link. 

29 November 2014

I became 102 yesterday

Aha, bet you thought the old git meant herself then, didn't you? Well I actually felt I was 102 yesterday as I had one of 'those' bad nights sleep the night before. 

No, what I'm talking about is the fact that I got number 102 sailing boat in to my inbox yesterday. Here is the link to the story about where it came from and who sent it.

This also gives me the opportunity to say that the introduction to Tat It And See 2015 will be available before the festive season gets underway. Mainly so you can be sure you've got all the equipment needed!!!

28 November 2014

Nothing exciting today!

Sadly all I have today is another snowflake.

I really ought to sort them out before I blog them (one of it's arms is wonky) but if I did that I'd lose them on the way to the scanner. Well there's another problem too as I'm always losing things UNDER the scanner too!!!

Do you ever do that? Scan something and then walk away and leave it there. Then a few days later there's a mad search of the entire house looking for the 'missing item'. Well I do and all too regularly.

Wonder if there's a cure? Are there any tablets you can take for it? Please let me know!

26 November 2014

Pointless technique?

So, having discovered that I could get out of my predicament I worked the second attempt again (no I won't give up!) up to the first SSR (hiding one colour in it).  Then I went to bed.

The next morning I sat down with my graphics pad on my lap and shuttles at the ready.  Of course you can guess the next part.  I'd forgotten overnight how I'd done it!!!

A few hours later and a lot of cussing to myself I'd managed to remember and draw it out.  I then did a technique page.  Not that I feel it would be a lot of use to many people but I know I'll certainly use it myself in future!!! So, I should probably call it my 'reminder' page.  

Well after running it past Georgia (won't tell you what she said!) I thought I'd better finish it properly and put it up on my technique pages 'just in case' there was another soul who may one day come across the same problem.

Here it is and here is the centre of the doily once more.

25 November 2014

Vive la difference!!!

Here's the answer to yesterday's question although lots of you spotted it - well done.

If you look at the first one closely from yesterday you'll see that where the A arrow is pointing I have a split ring that's wrong. This was simply because I was trying to climb out from the centre ring. It was latish in the evening and I carried on as obviously parts of me were - well half (or more) asleep!!!

Oh, this is the centre of this doily which I originally worked in one colour. Me, being me, had forgotten why I'd done it in one colour and just got out these two threads as I want to make it for my friend who has a birthday right after Christmas.

So, what did I do after I realised this boo boo? Did I carry on or throw it away?

24 November 2014

Can you tell?

Can you tell the difference between these two motifs? 

If you can't then I've wasted a lot of time drawing up a new technique!!!!  Well I think it's new and I think I'd rather call it a cheat than a technique. 

I'll wait for comments and then explain all tomorrow!!!

22 November 2014

Not quite!

Not quite what you'd think of as Christmas colours but these two work so well together that they're irresistible. I'm chugging through the snowflakes with odd 'spells' of stiffening them in between!!!

I think I need about 15 - 20 but I'll try and do a few more than that.  The problem is that I have an earring urge coming over me.  I haven't made any for a year or two mainly because I've got so many!!!

20 November 2014

Another snowflake

Sorry about yesterday's post but it takes an awful lot for me to get cross - I really don't have the energy for it but when I do I act on my feelings nowadays and face them head on. 

Well the issue that had upset me such a lot ('almost' copyright theft) seems to be slowly resolving and I hope not to have to blog about it in the future. Be sure I will and will also name names if the small thing I asked doesn't happen.

So today I have another of the Christmas snowflakes that I'm making for giveaways. I used a darker green for the inside bit just for a change.

I've quite a few to make so will be getting on with them over the next week or so.  Also I'm now chopping up the TIAS ready for 'future consumption' after Christmas!!!

19 November 2014

Too cross

I'm not posting today.  

Another tatter has made me so cross that I've got to think out a post to tell you about it.

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

18 November 2014

Oh dear what is the matter

What IS the matter with me? Every year I have this urge to knit. To knit socks and socks only!!! 

I usually ignore the urge but this year I gave in and got a pattern and some wool. Then there was the problem of knitting needles - none fine enough to be found in this town but I suddenly thought of the charity shops and found a set of four needles that were 'just right'.

Here are the socks. Now will I ever wear them? I doubt it very much but I got that urge out of my system and hopefully it won't return for a few years!! I did enjoy knitting them but that's led to other things - more to follow another day!!

17 November 2014

Snowflake 4

Before I start - there are still some shuttles left in the Etsy shop here.  This way of listing made life a lot easier for BC3!!!!

Right - panic is setting in. Somebody said something about a festive season coming up the other day so I thought I'd better get back to these - my giveaways for this year. 

As soon as the Mop is over in our town the local council start putting up the Christmas lights. Must admit that they are rather splendid each year and, added to that, there will be another laser light and sound display show being displayed  on Shakespeare's Birthplace. Even though we don't do much at Christmas some things are worth getting the aged body out of the armchair and out in the dark to see!!!

15 November 2014

Valencia again

I MAY get the new batch of shuttles up in Etsy later today - if not they should be there tomorrow. Keep your eyes open. Here's the link.

Well here is the next row of the Valencia doily - finished and shown the iron. Not blocked as I rarely, rarely do that and once this is done it won't need it. 

It's an amazing pattern to make as it's interesting and totally not boring. I just WISH I knew or could track down the designer.

It must have been designed around the 1960's, I'd guess. That's some years after my gran and I learned to tat. I would guess it came from an ordinary magazine - not a tatting one as there is an article on the back. If anybody can help find out who designed it I'd try and get permission to write and draw it up.

I'm now on the next two rounds before the outer motifs. I doubt I'll be able to scan it next time so the camera will have to be found and used.

14 November 2014

Shuttles - all sorts!

Flash post today. 

I got news last night that the following shuttles and winders will be arriving Chez Eborall today. It will take me a few days to photograph the new woods and list them but they will be on my Etsy shop sometime next week. 

I want to get them up there as soon as possible so that I can get them mailed out before the Christmas rush starts. I'd hate them to get held up in that!! I'll let you know the day that they're going 'live' as soon as they're up and sorted. I think this time it'll be a case of listing them when I can with no particular time that they'll go 'live'. Just as soon as I've got them ready!!!  Oh, I'll post pictures  of the new woods and the new decorated shuttles and winders too as soon as I've taken them.
OK, here's the list.


1 IROKO £17.50 

1 YEW £17.50 

2 ROSEWOOD £17.50 

2 OLIVE £17.50 


2 0AK £17.50 

1 JARRAH £17.50 

2 AFRIMOSA £17.50 

3 SEQUOIA £17.50 

3 EUCALYPTUS £17.50 


1 KINGWOOD £17.50 

1 YEW £17.50 


2 APPLE £14.50 

2 PEAR £14.50 

1 PINK IVORY £14.50 

1 ROSEWOOD £14.50 



1 YELLOW HEART £14.50 


3 PURPLEHEART £6.00 plain 

3 BEECH £6.00 plain 

3 ZEBRANO £6.00 plain 

2 ASH (Christmas Trees) £7.00 decorated 

1 ASH (bell) £7.00 decorated 

2 SYCAMORE (bells) £7.00 decorated 

1 SYCAMORE (tree) £7.00 decorated 


3 CHRISTMAS TREES (beech) £5

13 November 2014

Hanky edging

This hanky has been my 'go to' project for months and months. I finally finished it a week ago and now I can share it too!!! 

I like to have something to pick up when my brain stops working on what I'm doing. Usually it's a hanky nowadays. I've no idea why I've chosen those to do as there must be something else less boring to fill that time. I wouldn't sit down and decide just to do a hanky but they're fine for now and then! 

This one is good 'tatting wise' but the quality of the handkerchief isn't that great. Not sure why as I'm sure I've used that make before.  

I always use a size 80 thread for handkerchiefs and the edgings have to be wide enough to be seen and done in one row. I couldn't bear the boredom of going round the same hanky twice.  I always sew the edging onto the fabric - never work directly onto it.  That way I can be sure it'll fit and also if I muck up the linen/cotton then I can cut the edging away and put it on another piece of fabric.  Makes sense to me!!! 

11 November 2014

The story of a lanyard

Now this is something I simply HAVE to show you. I'm afraid I've forgotten who gave me this at Tat Days but it WAS a lanyard for my name tag. 

Tat Days goes so quickly that I didn't have time to change the one I'd got to this one while I was there. BUT since coming home I've worn it loads and loads. No, not because I can't remember my name and need to wear a tag but simply as a necklace. I took the latch keys off and joined the two metal split rings together - least I think that's what I did. I'll check when I go back upstairs!!!!

I've worn it and worn it and no end of people have commented on it too. So, would whoever made it and gave it to me please stand up and wave so I can say my thanks to you personally.  Now, do I have enough money to fly over the pond to do that?  Hmmmmmm!!!

10 November 2014

Little Bo Peep

Well she lost her sheep but I only lost two!!!!  The difference between the myself and Little Bo Peep is that she knew she'd lost hers but I didn't know I'd lost mine!!!!

The only reason they got found again is because another tatter asked me via Facebook if I'd got a sheep pattern. I then remembered I had.  I realised that I had worked on one ages ago. 

So, off I trundled to look for it on my pattern pages here. Where was it? I couldn't find it. That got me thinking and so I went to 'finder' on my main computer and searched for 'sheep'.   I found it lurking in the design folders - in the 'animal' section.  Least I'm methodical sometimes!  When I took a closer look I realised I'd not quite finished it. It just needed the final links put in.

Before I did that, however, I thought I ought to make two - just to check it was an OK sort of pattern.  So, here are the ewe and her lamb just in time for the Christmas crib which is what the tatter wanted it for.   Oh, the link is here!!!

8 November 2014

More about the BIG oops!!!!!

So, if you read this post the other day you'll remember that I had to cut out most of this round due to a failure of the brain!!! BUT what I haven't told you about yet is the fact that while doing it I had an even worse disaster.

Do you ever have 'those moments' when you know that you're going to do something totally stupid and also know that you can't stop yourself? I had one of those while cutting out the round. I'd bought some new lovely small scissors from Karey Solomon at Tat Days and I really, really love them but they weren't to blame at all - it was down to the 'driver' of said implement!!!

I did the inevitable - I CUT A PICOT! 

Now I wasn't prepared to cut off the rest of this round AND the previous one or mess with it further so I thought about it and had a BRAINWAVE. Yes, from BC3. So, what I did was - well, probably best if you go and look at this new technique page.  The results were fantastic and I was using a size 40 thread too on the doily.  Hopefully you'll never need to use this but it's there if you ever do cut a picot by mistake!!!

7 November 2014

Starfish or star - you choose!

So this came about because somebody wrote to me a few days ago saying they were having problems with my starfish. I decided that the only way to see what they were having problems with was to tat it myself once again.

Hmmmmm, not as easy as it sounds, I found. There were parts that I couldn't understand either!!!

Now, bearing in mind that this pattern was written some 8 years ago and that my style of writing and diagramming changes over the years I wasn't surprised. I wrote this in the days when I assumed that tatters would be able to work out when to put a bead at the back of the hand before starting a ring it was needed in and also assumed they'd know when to switch shuttles or close or reverse work. Nowadays I try to remember to put all those things in as I notate the pattern.  Probably because my concentration goes on holiday too from time to time.

Thanks to the person who wrote about the starfish I can now present you with a - well starfish OR a star!!! As stars are usually five sided and snowflakes six I reckon this is a star but equally I'd call it a snowflake - just cause I'm awkward!!!

So the starfish is in it's usual place on the animal page but I've added it as a star to the motif and snowflake page.  Here's the link - and below the picture.

6 November 2014

Valencia with oooops

You have NO idea how much hassle I've had with this round!!! NO IDEA!!! Sally suggested that I throw it in the bin but I'm a very, very stubborn old moo.

I took it with me to America as an ongoing project which was fine although I didn't do a lot to it but I had started this round when I was with Joanie. 

I kept counting and counting to make sure I was on the right track and all seemed fine until I got to the end!!!! I'd made a mistake. That was when I was cross with myself and Sally said to chuck it away!!!! BUT I couldn't 'see' where I'd gone wrong and for two days I kept going back to it over and over again.

Finally BC3 woke up and I saw it. So, out came the scissors and I cut it back to where the mistake had happened. At each end there are two places where there is a difference and I'd done a join instead of letting a small ring 'float'.

The rest of the story continues as matters get worse. And I MEAN worse!!!

5 November 2014

Another new EXCLUSIVE member

Jeff sent in his mouse yesterday with the following comment:-

"I finally finished my bauble tatted mouse.  This is my second attempt. The first one seemed wonky near the beginning.  My mouse doesn't seem as long as should be; I think I may have tightened everything a bit too much.  I'll have to try a few of the other critters once I've made something else for a while.

I've added him to the exclusive tatting club members list on the page at the top of this post. 

I'm looking forward to your next critter, Jeff. Thanks SOOOOOO much for joining in the fun as I know you're a busy chap.

3 November 2014

Finished angel

The worst part of any design for me is giving it a name!!! I HATE that part but sometimes it's necessary. Being of no religious belief I know very little about angels so resorted to google. I found lots of names and some covered all sorts of religions. Quite interesting, really. 

Anyway, in the end I've called her Angelica - just because I quite like the name!!!!

So, the final tweaks consisted of:-

a) A larger head. This meant, of course, working out how many more beads would be needed for the halo. I've used this method to make and 'anchor' the halo so it doesn't slip.

b) I changed the joins at the top of the wings/arms by moving the vip's to the top of the split rings.

c) Added hands to the ends of the wings/arms.

d) Made the dress (or whatever an angel wears!!) longer.

e) Added more picots to the under part of the wings.

Now I'm happy with it and I hope you enjoy it too.  Oh, heck, better give you the link!!!

1 November 2014

Still not right

I'm definitely going to work on getting the pattern on my site over the weekend.

This version is another trial that Im not happy with!  

Not wasted as my little granddaughter thought she was beautiful and happily went off home with it!

I now know exactly what needs doing so it'll be a quick fix for the next one!

31 October 2014

Converting a hummingbird!

First attempt at converting the hummingbird into an angel!!! NOT happy with this one though so it's back to the 'drawing board'. It MAY look OK to you but to me it needs a lot more tweaking. 

30 October 2014

Thought for the day

If tatting is a 'lost art' then am I a member of an endangered species?
Guess I could be a dinosaur?  

29 October 2014

Christmas colours

I suddenly decided to do the Inside Out Snowflake in Christmas colours. Strange for me to do that but it seemed a good idea at the time!!!! 

A lot of the people I give the motifs too for Christmas never put them away but keep them out all year so I feel that Christmassy colours look wrong in the middle of summer!!!  That's my perverted way of thinking, I guess!!!

I made this one last week but only remembered to take a photo two days ago. Not a very good picture, I'm afraid. Still it gives an idea of what it looks like.

28 October 2014

What happened to the hummingbirds

There's a story behind the hummingbird pattern. First, as I mentioned the other day, I never thought I could design one because I'd seen so many really, really good ones on the internet and didn't think I could do one any better.  I'm definitely NOT saying mine's better but it's OK.  It'll do for now.

As you probably remember when I was over in America at Tat Days I was going to stay with my friend Joanie who now lives in Florida. Other times I've stayed with her she's been living in South Carolina and I've always been mesmerised by the hummingbirds at her feeders. She told me ages ago that there were no hummers in Florida (well, not often around her area) so I decided she 'needed' some. That's how the design was inspired - by Joanie missing her hummers. 

The picture below is what I made for her and took with me on my trip over the pond.  

27 October 2014

Another two hummingbirds

Another two hummingbirds which I made for a very good reason.  I'll show you the 'reason' another day. 

Meanwhile I've added the pattern to the site and you can find it here.  Why is it called 'Joanie's Hummingbird'?  Well it's named after Joanie who has hosted me on so many occasions when I've been in America.  There's more to come about our friendship in another post.

Due to judicious 'nagging' (not really - it was more of a suggestion) from Sally  I am now working on converting this into an angel.   She's 'into' angels and I'm not!!! Never dawned on me that this could be one but it will be shortly!!! 

In fact I started on it yesterday so should have it ready and on my web site by the end of the week.  I'll keep you posted on progress.  Not sure but I think it'll need a halo - what else does it need?  Suggestions welcome, please.

25 October 2014


Now this is something I've always wanted to do - make my own hummingbird!!!! I've never got round to it before because others have done such good ones and I knew I couldn't do better. 

However I finally thought I'd have a go when I saw a picture of a hummingbird here which was looking sort of upwards. I made mine slightly different though - just because I'd seen others that were more 'heads back'.

Yesterday I was messing around on Facebook which is something I don't allow myself time to do very often. I'm not a great lover of Facebook and usually just upload 'stuff' from my phone when I've been walking and quick links to the blog in the mornings. Well I was sitting at the main computer when I decided to go into my account to change the profile pictures. Don't know why but I was looking through the files and suddenly found this hummingbird so used one of the pictures to change the profile. I must admit I was amazed at the reaction over the following hours.  Seems that people quite like it.

I did this pattern months ago and then forgot about it as I got into preparations for my trip to America. I'll finish it off over the weekend and add it to my pattern pages as soon as I can.

23 October 2014

A new Valencia started

Do you remember the doily I teased you about earlier this year? It was Valencia which you can find here.

Well I enjoyed making it so much that I decided to do another but this time in a size 40 thread. The progress you can see below is where I had got to by the time I got home from America. In fact I started this doily as a piece to take with me and work on while I was with my friends over the pond but I didn't get much done!!! Probably because we talked a lot and enjoyed each other's company.

I'd actually started on the next round before I got back but an accident happened and a cup of coffee made intimate contact with my tatting bag!!! I must admit that the biggest casualty was the beige ball of thread that you can see in the picture. I did rescue a lot of it and then decided that it was going to the place where all thread must go when it gets old - in the bin!!!! Actually that ball was probably one of the first balls of thread I ever owned so could be almost as old as me!!! So, considering I'm 71 and started tatting at 13 it could be positively ancient!!! In fact it was becoming very stiff to work with so it was given the ultimate order - 'in the bin'!!!!

As no decisions have been made on what colour thread I'm going to use and when it doesn't matter if I haven't got another the same colour!!!!  I've got a ball in a similar shade and that one may well be used later.  Time will tell!!!

22 October 2014

Another Snowflake

Now I prefer this colour but the photo isn't that good!!! I'm experimenting with taking photos at the moment although usually I tend to scan all the 'flat' stuff. Easier than looking for the camera etc.

21 October 2014

Snowflake experiments continue

Here's another one. Not sure if I like the colours of this one, though. I'm going to keep experimenting until I get the colour combination I really like.

Meanwhile some good news. The TIAS is gradually 'getting there'. I think I'm on about the sixth specimen and it's really beginning to look like what it's meant to be. Probably another six re-tats until I'm happy it's done!!!!

20 October 2014


Now really I think that Sharon should be called just that. An exclusive, exclusive member of the Exclusive Tatting Club.

Well, what CAN I say about her membership except that that accolade should be hers.  Look at what she's done. Talk about being addicted!!!! I can see mice, a hedgehog, a possum and the wonderful flowers that I've not been brave enough to start myself. Plus the dragonfly too.

Ah, you're thinking 'but I can only see a hedgehog and a possum'.  That's deliberate on my part as I want you to spare the time for just one click here to see her whole picture!!!  I can be mean sometimes but I'm sure you'll see why when you look.

On a final note Sharon does have a blog which has been neglected for a while but perhaps we should all get together to nag her to update it as she's obviously a very, very keen tatter.  Here's the link.

18 October 2014

For comparison purposes only!!!

I thought it might be a good idea to show you the two motifs (the inside out series) together. 

You're going to get very, very bored with these soon as I'm making them when I fall out with the TIAS!!!! That happens regularly. This year for some reason it's a real struggle to get it done. Not sure why as I'm really excited about the 'subject matter' I've chosen. Mainly excited cause I thought it up all on my very own with no outside assistance!!!! Well, to be honest, I just suddenly thought about it one day while I was walking.

17 October 2014

Finally it's done!!!

Not going to tease any longer!!! Here's the link to the Inside Out Snowflake.

I hope you find this as easy to work as I do. BUT I hope you don't get addicted like I have once you've tried it!!!!

16 October 2014

Another bauble has arrived

If you pop over to the Exclusive Tatting Club page at the top of my blog you'll find the latest member who has made a bauble/bobble. It's Elizabeth who calls hers - well, you'll have to go and look!!!!

Welcome to the club, Elizabeth.

15 October 2014

Another to tempt you!

Well, are you watching my blog? 

Here's another to tempt your taste buds - or, snowflake buds!!!

A whole day with no rain yesterday so managed to walk miles with a friend.  Let's hope I find time today to finish off this snowflake page.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!

14 October 2014

Now for something new- ish

So, yesterday you got the original motif and now I'm working on tweaking this - the Inside Out Snowflake.   I'll have the pattern ready by the end of the week - tat's a promise. 

Why?  Well, the weather is appalling here at the moment so I can' get out and about as much as usual.  Rained all day yesterday while I was dealing with internal leaks from a heating boiler which came through to the kitchen - drip, drip, drip!!!  Wet outside and wet inside!!! Boiler fixed but I can't find the right plumber to stop the sky dripping!!!  

Any suggestions would be welcome - that's on the subject of stopping the sky from dripping!!!

13 October 2014

It's out there

Ready for use should you want it. The new motif.

I've called it the 'Inside Out Motif'. Not cause it's inside out but because that's the way you work it!!! You do the outside first and then the middle.

The reason for that is because it's not easy to do a lock chain with a neat picot in unless you do a regular ds before and after the picot.  If I'd done that it wouldn't have been a decent looking lock chain in the middle.

Oh, before you go, there will be another motif shortly.  The new one is, I think, pretty darn good.  It's the one that will be my Christmas giveaway.  Hope to get the page finished this week but life has become a little 'difficult' in my 'other life'.  Hope to get things on the way to being sorted today - but who knows!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.