31 October 2009

A little something to show you!

I'm back into tatting.  Well, that's not strictly true - I've never been away!!!

I am working on two new patterns.  One finished and one nearly done.  The first I've been 'hanging on to' until after Halloween as it's my Christmas giveaway.  More about that next week!!!

Today I'm showing you the bookmark I made over the past two evenings.  The pattern is on my site (which now has a search bar!!!).

Oh, before I go - please bear with me over the next few days as I update my web pages and the home page again.  All my links appear to have gone AWOL during the transfer from the PC to the mac!!  Still, it keeps an OG outa mischief, I guess!!!!

Special note to Georgia - don't worry only a few links MAY have to change as my main site sometimes appears  to be full!!!

29 October 2009

Nothing to tell - well, nothing to show!!

Yesterday I did very little.  I had to be out all day.  Today will be the same too.  So, no progress on the mac BUT I did start an intriguing tatting project in the evening.

This is a commissioned piece of work which I'm hoping I'll be allowed to show you.  I've done things for this lass before but thankfully this time I'll not be working in number 80 BLACK!!!  This is still a number 80 thread but a much easier colour for winter evenings.

28 October 2009

Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose!!

Nope, not talking about giveaways but life in general!!!

Yesterday morning I decided to upload my web page from the mac.  Not easy as first I had to set up an ftp link which meant pulling out all my resources in the way of brain cells.  Then, when I'd finally downloaded the software, set it up (amidst much cussing!!) I sent the page up.  The home page is the only one now which is in html so I thought this would be a huge step forward to do this.  Oh, BOY, was I wrong!!!!

Just before leaving the house to go shopping I realised that the poooey thing had lost all the links.  Now for those who have never built a web page  - this  is a major disaster.  I fiddled and fathomed between shopping and fixing another friend's computer (did another one the day before!) then I finally realised I could re-load the original from the PC so that's fixed that for now.  BUT this leaves me with the problem of 'how to' save my original file as an htm file on the mac without losing all the wretched links.  Can anybody in tat land explain to a mathered old git how to do this?  I've got Neo Office which will let me save as html and from what I've read that should be fine but I think it's more to do with the transferring of files from PC to mac.  If I've got to do all the links again it will take up precious tatting time!!!  IF I understood what I was doing in the first place it would help, of course!!!

On t'other hand late last night I found out how to put a search box on the home page.  Now everybody should be able to go searching  on my site without running around like a headless chicken.  Least I hope!!  Thanks to somebody pointing out that Georgia had a box like this I decided to find out for myself how and where to get one from!!!  So the day wasn't really lost!!

27 October 2009

Progress is being made!

All files have now been transferred to the new mac (via a magic cable and with the help of number 4) so all I've got to do is learn how to use it!!!  Which reminds me - where DOES Apple hide the hash key on the keyboard?!?!?

I've found how to scan things, save etc and the printer, graphics pad etc all worked almost straight away (with a few driver updates).  Next I need to find time.

Busy week ahead with people to help out on their PC's.  Still it'll keep an old git out of mischief!!!

I am still tatting and may have something new to show next week - once halloween's out of the way!!

24 October 2009

Yet MORE oh dears!!!!

After reading Gina's post on the tatting goddess blog (Thursday's post) I thought about the plethora of utter nonsense I talk but then decided that as I'm only talking to myself then that's OK!!!!  Now Gina talks sense and her blog is well worth reading.  So, I must ask why are YOU reading this instead of hers?  OR, are you reading both and making comparisons?!?!?!

Anyway, I'm afraid that I might not be blogging much for the next week or so as I've had a baby. Yup, a new baby - at the ripe old age of 66. 

Imeant to have this baby two/three years ago but I chickened out and put back the birth.  It arrived yesterday.  Straightforward birth - ordered online 24 hours earlier, sight unseen but from a good genetic background.  Trouble is that because of the new baby I have to do a lot of work. I have to learn new stuff but so far there have been very few teething problems - mainly due to the (very green with jealousy) male partner who already has experience of this 'breed'. Oh - a new brain cell has been brought into play - temporarily - brain cell number 4!!!!  Bet he won't stick around for long, though!!!

So?  Are you wondering if I really have lost the plot? Probably.  I'll explain.  It's simple, really.  I've bought myself an Apple Imac. The PC was rapidly losing the plot and I was losing my temper with it!!!!  Vista (and/or) the computer wouldn't find any hardware I plugged into it and messed me around BIG TIME on several things.

So far I've managed to transfer quite a few files and stuff but now have to find a new drawing programme.  I've got most things 'sort' of sorted but it's on with the game and thus there won't be much going on with showing much tatting.

Having said that I will be tatting in the evenings but may not be able to put a web page together until I've worked out 'how to' do (a) pdf's and (b) html pages without sharepoint designer.  So, any advice would be very welcome on appropriate software - preferably free!!!  I can probably 'do' the pdf's already - just haven't got 'roundtuit'!!!!

So, tat's all from me today.  Please don't leave planet Jane - I'm just temporarily 'out of sync'!!!

23 October 2009

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!!

What happened to my resolve to change my ways?

I seem to have got myself into the same old state as usual.

I was determined that I would work on just one project at a time.  So once back from our trip I decided that the most important thing to do was to decide on my Christmas giveaway design.  Not easy because it has to be something that isn't 3D and which is not too time consuming to make.  So, brain cell # 3 was commisioned to start on this task.

Well, half way through I remembered the earrings.

A few days later I decided to start on another pattern I'd been meaning to do for two years.

Then, on top of this I realised that a design I'd been working on before the trip really needed to be 'progressed'.

YIKES - what's wrong with me??  Are the men in white coats about to visit - again?

22 October 2009

Over the Top

No, I'm not referring to anything in particular and not even about my own behaviour which has been criticised for being 'over the top' in the past!!!!

I'm referring to a join.  You see when I did this pattern a few months ago I referred to an 'over the top join' (OTTJ).  Now I knew what I was talking about but I'm not sure that anybody else did!!!  It's the sort of join that 'old timers' like wot I am would 'fudge'.  So, I thought I'd better write it down. 

Before I show you I must also admit that a few 'gurus' in tat land that I've run it past haven't really understood what I'm 'getting at'!!! This is the reason that I've been lollygagging (wonderful American expression) about putting it out on my site.  

Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you would take  the time to look at this and see if you can fathom what I'm rambling on about!!!  It has a limited 'raison d'etre' but it's still useful - well, I think so!!!!

21 October 2009

Live (and 'dead') TIAS fun

Well for those of you who weren't at the Palmetto tat days I'm going to mention the live TIAS.

This was new territory for both myself and the Palmetto 'gals'.  We went to places 'no man has gone before' with this.  It took lots of discussions on the 'how do we organise this' lines and eventually we came up with the idea of putting part 1 in the student's folders and getting them to sign a declaration in blood (well, actually a red pen!!) that they wouldn't show or discuss their progress with others!!!  IF they did (and nobody was actually caught!) then they had to forfeit all their tatting stuff before leaving the site!!!!

Thanks must go to Joanie and the team for not only nudging my aged brain to make decisions but also for the fantastic way the whole daft idea worked.

Now, for those who weren't there.  Don't fret.  You can still do the TIAS in the privacy of your own home and in your own time.  How?  Well the pattern is on the Palmetto CD.  Donna has put it on the CD in 'parts' just as it was given out 'live'.  What better way to tackle a TIAS than in your own time, eh?

Also on the CD are all the other patterns which the teachers taught.  Here's where you can see them.  Don't just drooooool, take a few dollars out of your piggy bank and order  a CD!!!!  You'll never regret it, promise.

20 October 2009

Earrings # 2

Another pair of the earwigs.  I'm so pleased with the colours of these.

Very 'me' being bright and cheerful.  I wore them yesterday to cheer up a dull Monday morning.

Why is it that although I retired some years ago that Monday always has a dreary feel to it?

Thank goodness it's Tuesday and we're already heading towards the weekend.

Silly woman - why does the weekend make any difference?  We do nothing at all like most of the rest of the week.

Stop rambling, Jane.  Get on with life!!!

18 October 2009

More about the Elgiva Nicholls book.

Isdihara put a comment on yesterday's post about wanting more information about the contents of the Elgiva book.  Sorry, folks, I just assumed that everybody knew about my hero's work!!!! 

The book I'm selling on ebay is not really a 'pattern book' as we know them today - BUT she does explain in detail how she makes the elements of the flowers, leaves etc.  A fantastic resource for designers.  The thistle instructions are particularly intriguing.  So I guess these are patterns but just not written the way we would today!!  The book is a wonderful source of inspiration and one which I'm forever taking out to look at for ideas.

Elgiva was a forerunner of our 'modern' HDT ideas as much as her research and innovative ideas.  She told me that she dyed her own threads when I met her in 1976 - aren't they pretty?  I saw the one on the left in 'real time'.  She gives instructions on how she dyed her threads at the end of the book.  Also tips on assembling and mounting work.

Please ask for further information if you need it.  Below are just two of the pictures from the book.  There are two further colour plates and several black and white.  

17 October 2009

Listing on Ebay

Well today I'm listing a surplus book on ebay.

Why am I telling you?  It's because it's a tatting book.  It's a rare ish one of Elgiva Nicholls.

I have my own copy which I bought off Elgiva in 1976 when I was lucky enough to meet her at the Lambeth Town and Country Fair in London.  She was showing work from this book too.

My copy (which she signed for me) cost me a whole round pound which was quite a lot of money for me in those days as my kids were young and we were not well off.

The book I'm selling is another one that I bought quite recently.  Goodness knows why I bought it - I got carried away at an auction.  Typical me!!!

The book itself is in an excellent condition although the cover has come off - the  front and back are still attached to each other!!!

If it sells then all monies will go towards more thread and beads!!!!!  Well, what else would I do with it?????  Buy food???  No, thread and beads are more important!!!!!

16 October 2009

Old earrings!

Now way back in 2006 I was preparing to teach at the Palmetto tatting days held in 2007.  Yes it really does take me ages to get things done - partly because I tend to veer off and do other things along the way!!!

Well that was the year of the Flower Garden theme.  It was when I did the wheelbarrow, watering can and the red eyed tree frog.  Anyway at one point I made a pair of earrings and gave the pattern to go on their CD.  This is the picture of a pair I made a few days ago using that pattern.

It really is a simple one.  Rings only and not even a chain in sight!!!!  I'd forgotten all about it until I saw Joanie wearing a pair she'd made while I was staying with her, so I decided to 're-visit' the pattern again and put it here on my web page

Anybody who's awake will notice that this is on the new site but all links go back to the original - except for the images.

15 October 2009

A blue ribbon

Well I got a blue ribbon - by proxy!!!!!!!!

Not really but I am sort of slightly involved!!  I got a message from Pam Esbjerg who, by the way, was my teacher's assistant at tat days.  She entered the Lacewing Shuttlebug she'd made in the State Fair.  Here's what she said-

"Good News – I am so excited.  Your bug from Tat Days that I tatted won a blue ribbon in the SC State Fair – am sending a picture, although he looks much better after Bonnie blocked him and fixed his antennae – I left them long and she put a knot in the end and made them shorter.  When I get him back, I will send you a better picture.  I love the design – Thanks so much!!!"

Pam also won a blue for a necklace she designed and made. Here it is.  Boy is this a stunning design.

14 October 2009

Advertising on my blog

One thing I think I'm allowed to do is advertise on my blog.  Not that I want to or feel the need do it much!!!  I only support things I believe in and this is one of those things.  This is my own Jane Eborall advert so 'sit tight' and enjoy the ride!!!

As we all know - needle tatting is SUPPOSED to be easier to learn than the traditional shuttle.  This was probably true in the 'dark ages' but not now.  I'll explain the thoughts of brain cell # 3.

Do you remember the 'dark ages'?  Those were the days when all us OG's like me sat in our homes and shuttle tatted (because the needle hadn't been invented) on our own and in total isolation?  My own 'dark ages' started in 1956.  Just had a had a thought.  We weren't OG's in those days - just training to be.  Sorry, I digress as usual!!!

We were able to buy the odd and rare magazine with patterns in but not a lot else.  No coloured threads, no contact with others (well, I did have my gran but she was a learner too) and never a bead entered the equation.

Then along came the Ring of Tatters (here in the UK) and twice a year a Newsletter popped through the door - with patterns and gossip.  This was started some years ago now - nearly 30, I think.

Then roughly fifteen to seventeen years ago the light was switched on!!!  Finally the internet arrived.  Now ANYBODY can easily learn to shuttle tat.  It's not rocket science but it IS easier when you can actually SEE it being done slowly and carefully.  So the Ring of Tatters took the opportunity recently to make their own DVD which anybody with a computer (and I know that you, dear reader, has one or you wouldn't be reading this ramble!) can now learn to SHUTTLE tat the traditional way.

There, that wasn't such a bad advert, was it?  Least there was no irritating music!!!!  

I also have a link on my home page to this page too.  You won't escape!!!!

13 October 2009

I've spent my birthday money!

Now what did I spend my birthday money on?  Oooooh, well, there's a story.

Anybody who knows me will realise that I'm not very good at spending money.  I'll only buy something 'when I need it'.  I see things and think - oooooh, I'd like that.  Then brain cell # 3 clicks in and says - "but do you NEED it"?  99 times out of 100 the answer is "not really" and I don't buy it - oh, unless it's threads, beads or something tatting related, of course and then I might!!!

So, when I tried to upload a pattern (still not quite ready for you guys!!!) onto my web site a few days ago and it wouldn't 'go' I realised that the time had come to 'bite the bullet' and buy myself some more web space!!!!  That's what I spent my birthday money on.

I've had the tattysaurus up on a free web place since his 'birth' but he's always had those infuriating banners above his noble head.  So I 'bought into' freeservers.com.  Instead of getting the tattysaurus when you put in this url you now get my front index page.  The links will take you back to the original site but it may mean that more people get to see the patterns - if they want to!!!

Oh, Georgia, don't panic.  I'll not be changing anything on the original site - promise!!!!  I've now uploaded all my site onto the freeservers server - just in case!!!

12 October 2009

From a fairy to a snowman in one easy step!!!

On Saturday I had the following email from Geraldine:-

"What wonderful animals the palmetto tatters come up with. Glad you enjoyed yourself and told us all about it.
This little chap I came up with by using your 3D flower fairy pattern. It was for Charnwood tatters open day back in September.
A hanging Christmas tree decoration was the competition. Yes I WON with him. Hope you like him."
Now this is what I think should be happening in tat land.   Geraldine took my pattern (courtesy of brain cell # 3 - may he live forever) and used parts of that pattern to come up with something really novel.  What is so pleasing is that not only did she acknowledge her source but she also shared it with all of us.  
I don't think I ought to say this but I think he's going to melt soon!!!!

10 October 2009

My own Precious butterfly

Having found the piece of hairpin lace I thought it would be a grand idea to use it before I put it away safely again!!!  Oh, how I HATE being tidy - it's so hard to find things that you've put away tidily!!!

Here's my butterfly.  Very easy pattern to follow - thanks Hope.

9 October 2009

Precious - or a butterfly by Hope

This gorgeous butterfly (below, on the right) is Hope Green's design which she presented at tat days (Palmetto).  Isn't it just SO pretty? 

It was given to us on a fabulous paper flower but sadly I couldn't take the flower with me.  I left it for Joanie to enjoy.

Also in our gift bags was the hair pin lace 'middle' for us to make our own Precious.  What a splendid idea. 

8 October 2009

Third pair!!!

This is the third and final pair of the order I had.

This pattern (I've just discovered!) is only available on the Palmetto CD of 2007!!  Why?  Because this daft OG has forgotten to put it on her web site!!  How's that for being dumb?

They are really, really simple and only use rings.  

You could 'improve' them to make them 'tattable' in one but I don't think they're worth the effort of sorting out which beads go where before starting.  One day I may do that but don't hold your breath.  

Actually, that's bad for your health (holding your breath) and can lead to an early demise!!! 

I delivered all three pairs yesterday and she was very pleased with them.  

Now, what shall I do next?  Ah, I know!!  No, not telling - not yet, anyway.

7 October 2009

Second pair!!!

This is the second pair of earrings that I made and I'm pleased to report I can follow the pattern!!!!

The final pair will be different but I'm not sure where the pattern is - watch this space!!!

6 October 2009


This is the first of a 'series' of earrings that I'm making for a friend.

They are based on the 3D snowflake that I made years ago and I've used the top motif (first part of that snowflake) many times when I've made earrings for myself.

The only problem I've always had when wanting to make 'another pair' is that I have never written it down properly. 

This time I have - AND I've done the lower motif to work directly on from the upper.  In fact the whole thing is done in one 'hit'!!!  I

did have to use one split chain and two SR's to do it, though.  Well worth the effort in the end!!!

5 October 2009

Back in the old routine!!!

The glue's out again!!!  These are a few of the bookmarks I've just finished and sent out to the Ring of Tatters.

The Ring gives away bookmarks at shows to promote our obsession with tatting.

They also sell a kit for wannabe tatters to buy and recently they've added a 'tatalong' DVD to their repertoire of aids for new tatters. 

Here's a link which tells you how to buy the DVD and here's a link to the Ring's website.

3 October 2009

Fishes galore!!!

This is a picture of a 'boy' chain that Jane made.

Isn't it lovely?  She went off to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe last Tuesday and took gifts for the children of the friends she's staying with.  Lucky kids.

While she was there she met up with Judith and they had a mini 'tat day'.  Here's a bit out of her message:-

'Judith showed me how to tat using more economical hand movements, which I've been trying earnestly to use since I got back home! I showed Judith how to tat over the ends at the beginning of her work, which should save her a lot of sewing in ends. I left some doilies with her, which she's going to show to her tatting group and put on the Bulawayo show next year. Oh, and Judith gave me a clover shuttle and I gave her some thread I'd dyed. Judith gave me copies of patterns for edgings, which she has 'translated' from old patterns into more modern style.'

2 October 2009

How to load a shuttle!!!!

As most of you know I'm a shuttle only tatter!!  Born and bred to it.  I did once try the needles but as they're not traditional and didn't give me a good result they were soon abandoned.

What always surprises me about shuttle tatters is the various ways they start to load their shuttles.  I've seen so many struggle with tying to the hole in the bobbin or the hole in the centre of the post shuttles that it amazes me that they ever get started!! 

Life can be so much simpler if you use a slip knot.  Let me tell and show you.

First make the slip knot.  Easy peasy.  Start like this leaving about a one and a half inch end.

Pull a loop through the loop and then wrap this round the shuttle.  Either the bobbin type or the post type (with the post type you obviously have to go through both ends).

Tighten around the shuttle and wind away from the knot so that it tightens.  The small tail will help you to get the end bit off the shuttle when you've finished.

Hope this helps.  I always wind back my thread onto the ball I've been using.  Mainly because so many shades are so close to each other and once or twice in my tatting 'career' I've had a nasty shock when I've thought I'd got the right shade and it's been 'wrong'!!! 

1 October 2009

More Palmetto pictures

Now I get teased unmercifully by the Palmetto girls.  It was a few years ago that I discovered where they 'hid' the ice cream at the last venue that they used.  I didn't find it until the last evening meal and then every time I went to get some I was called away!!!  Frustrated?  You betcha!!!

So then Tat Days was moved to White Oak where - HORROR of HORRORS there is NO ICE CREAM!!!!

This year dear Bonnie Gieger was determined not to let me go a whole weekend without ice cream.  Joanie picked me up (along with Hope Green) from Columbia airport and off we went to Bonnie's for lunch.  YUMMY - this wasn't just ordinary ice cream - it was home made ice cream and chocolate too WITH chocolate chips in.

Thank you Bonnie.

Must tell you about the evening after tat days when Hope, Joanie and I 'invited ourselves' back to Bonnie's to eat again.  WHAT a nerve the three of us had, eh? 

We did take the makings of a meal (Joe and Bonnie cooked the salmon which was delicious) and - guess what?  Bonnie made MORE ice cream and this time it was coffee.  Want to see?  Here's a photo.

Now you didn't really think you were going to get any, did you?

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Happy Beaks
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