22 January 2011

Still counting sheep!!

Another day, another sheep.  Baaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaa.

I nearly didn't bother but then thought long and  hard and had a strong, firm word with my brain cell 3 and told him he COULD do it with a little more effort!!! 
I can't stand seeing patterns that are 'nearly there' but not quite and only because of another day's work and a bit of 'tweaking'.  I've got some on the pattern page like that which I really ought to sort out.  So I took myself in hand and (with the help of my Friday glass of red wine ) settled down to another sheep.

So here they are - the 'not so good one' and the 'bit better one'!!!  Am I there yet?  Is this sheep ready to be made into a magnetic bookmark for Gina S?  Answers on a postage stamp addressed to 'the OG'!!!

21 January 2011

Does this look like a sheep?

Today it's day 4 of the TIAS.  Here's the link.

After a few days of struggling this sheep has finally (I think!) been 'born'.  No, not quite.  Three of my best critics have flown their eyes over it and said it's still 'wrong'.  I'll have another go at it in a few days after a 'rest'!!!

Strange that Nick is asking for a lamb roast for Sunday dinner - must stop showing him and asking him for his opinions.  I mean, what if I make something like a dinosaur, eh?  Where would an OG buy a dinosaur for Sunday dinner?  Also how would you get it in the oven?  

Oh, Jane, what on earth are you rambling about?  The TIAS is going to your head.

More good news - shuttles posted in December are slowly arriving in the USA.   

20 January 2011

What am I doing?

Before I start - tomorrow (Friday) will be day 4 of the TIAS.

Next some good news - Royal Fail has reverted to Royal Mail.  Not sure how long it will last as they're now pulling out all the extra workers who've been taken on to clear the backlog - but we'll see.  Also USA Snail has finally delivered Martha's book which was sent around the time of the 'missing shuttle packages'.  I'm hoping they all turn up this week or next week too.  Must've all been because of the snow back in December here in the UK.  One snowflake and the UK grinds to a halt!!!

Well, what am I doing while the TIAS is going on?  I finished off the bookmarks and listed those yesterday and then had a look at doing a sheep for the same purpose - to make into a magnetic bookmark.  I did one yesterday evening and was going to show it here but I DON'T like it!!!!  I'll try and improve on it this evening.  Next?  Well that will be a cat for bookmarks.  Again I've had a try at one but it was dreadful so it'll be 'back to the drawing board' - or the tatting shuttles!!!!

19 January 2011

The bookmark bug!!!

Darn this bug - it bites and bites HARD.

This is the next batch ready to go in my Etsy shop.  I just needed to finish off the elephant and he's done now - see below.  If the critters look a bit wonky it's because they kept being attracted to each other - little stinkers!!!

I promised I'd do the chicken wing doily and I have started but I keep thinking of new critters to make into bookmarks.  I really want to do a sheep, a small cat and a dog but then I need a 'colour fix' so have to make the flowers or butterflies.  It's a sad OG that I am.

Oh, did you notice I'd put Mark's picture taken in Moo Street on my page?  As one comment suggested quite rightly - it's too good to 'lose' in an old post.

18 January 2011

The tatbead family are BACK!!!

Before I start - Day 3 is now here.

Now I did give Sandy a warning when she first wrote and said she was going to do the Tatbead family but she didn't listen.  Sadly the addiction has struck!!!! 

The first picture is her family.  The second is her Dr Who themed session!!!!  The Tardis is a pattern made by AnneB and can be found here.  Don't you just LOVE the cyberman?  Inspired.  Now I haven't heard about any new members in Sandy's family for a few days but when I do I'll keep you posted. 

17 January 2011

At LAST!!!

At last I've got a tiny owl's face that I'm happy with.

Two whole afternoons have been 'wasted' on this wretched little critter's face!!  I think it was worth it in the end, though.

I used my original pattern taken from here but that was done in two parts - just for the face!!!  This time I've finally managed to get it down to one round with the 3 beads included in the tatting.  I NEVER EVER sew or stick beads onto tatting - I feel that's cheating and certainly isn't safe as beads can so easily fall off. I needed to resolve the problem in case I wanted to make more of these owls as too many cuts and 'sewings ins' take too much time - they're a 'lost leader' anyway!!!

Sorry about the wonky looking picture but the magnets kept trying to get together again.

Tomorrow I NEED to go back to colour and beads.  OR another sort of critter - wonder what it'll be?

15 January 2011

Look what Mark did!!!!

First of all just to remind you - day 2 is ready to go!!!!  Here's the link.

Isn't Mark a STINKER?

Look what he did to my picture!!!  Now who is he calling an old git, do you think?  
This is one very, very funny tatting man with a talent for tatting and manipulating pictures!!!!  DOO visit his web site for loads of tatting tips and truly wonderful patterns.  Well, I guess that's what he does for a living!!!!  Taking the mooo out of old gits!!!!!

More news on Royal Fail and USA snail!!!  Apparently it's more like 190,000 pieces of post behind at the local sorting office (according to the postie).   I have outstanding packages that I mailed (shuttles etc) on and around the 14th December to the USA which still haven't arrived - three or four of them.  Now, is this my end or their end - the mystery continues.  SOOOO cross about it all but what can an old git do?

14 January 2011

I have a habit!

Not a disgusting one or naughty (well, not really) but it's a habit!!!
I tend to call people a 'daft old moo'.  Well I also call myself that too (when I'm not being an OG!!).  This is a friendly sort of thing and it's something I've always done.  Probably stemming from my days of temping round and about and not being able to remember people's names!!!  I used to call people 'old moo's' back then!! 

Anyway, the following is a picture I took when I was in town early the other day - before the tourists were around!!!  I thought it was amusing (well, it amused me!!!).

More news on Royal Fail.  

Before Christmas the local sorting office were behind by 45,000 pieces of mail.  We're still getting Christmas cards - a neighbour had one from somebody 'down the road' two days ago which was posted at the beginning of December.  

Well yesterday the local newspaper stated that Royal Fail were now - wait for it - 90,000 pieces behind.  Now I'm beginning to suspect that this is affecting outgoing mail too.  The story continues.  Time for another walk to the sorting office to demand to 'speak to a manager', I think!!!

13 January 2011

Big booo bbbboooooo

OK,  Do you like this little owl?

This is one that didn't make it into the shop!!!  He's currently sitting on my side table in tat corner waiting for a grandchild to come round and 'choose' him.  
I made him for a magnetic bookmark but he got into trouble and got cut off in his prime!!!

Why?  Well let me turn him over for you.
Now you can see why he'll NEVER become a bookmark!!!!  I mangled his eye with the 'new' iron.  Silly, silly, SILLY woman!!!

So then I went back to the onion ring owl instead!!!

I'm now making more critters for the shop - two more pigs.  I LIKE pigs!!!!  As I seem to have sold loads of these bookmarks over the past three days I'm now making more!!!!  Well, as Nick says, they do keep me quiet.  I'm going to make more button flowers and butterflies as that means I can play with my wonderful stash of HDT and Lizbeth threads.  Oh, and beads!!!!  Then I'll go back to critters again!!!! 

12 January 2011

The end of an era!!!

Well, actually, only a temporary end!!!

The 'era' I'm talking about is a bookmark one - I've come to a temporary standstill having spent days and days making these!!!!  I finally got most of them finished and put in the shop yesterday afternoon and then had the final 'straggler' to do in the evening - before the TIAS takes over my life!!!!

Must tell you about the second picture here.  This is some of the thread that Sue Anna sent me which is from Yarnplayer's shop.  The flower is Garden Afternoon and the other green is called Celery.  They are drop dead yummy together.

11 January 2011

Royal Fail!!

Don't forget - tomorrow is the 'kick off' for the TIAS!!!!

I know you're fed up with hearing about Royal Fail but do read on today.

On Monday this dear little teapot arrived in a Christmas card (yes, I did say Christmas card) from - well, no need to give you three guesses.  Yes, Martha Ess.

If you haven't got her teapot book then I very, very much recommend it although sister Sally says she thinks this pattern is in Karey Solomon's Tatting Times.  

Thank you SO much, Martha - this little teapot is destined to be framed and hung in 'Tat Corner'.

10 January 2011

It's arrived!!!

Now on my web page - the new edging.

BUT hang on a week or two and I'll magic it into a bookmark for you all!!!  I thought that idea up yesterday and know exactly how to do it but just need time!!!  I may also make it into a small motif but brain cell #3 hasn't quite got his head round that idea yet!!!

I'm going to finish off some more magnetic bookmarks for my Etsy shop and list those later - IF  I remember and IF I get time (there's a pile of ironing to do first)!!!!

So, the list at the moment consists of - Fandango bookmark, Chicken Wings doily, more magnetic bookmarks, start another hanky edging (for my handbag project) and try and get some sleep from time to time.  Oh, I also need to clean the windows too but that's SOOOO BORING!!!!

8 January 2011

Hanky edging

First of all I must let you know that 5 Pop A Bobbin Shuttles will be in the shop around midday today (that's GMT).

Well it's finished.  I thought I'd show you how I attach to a hanky (Gina gave me this one in a giveaway and it's a really great quality cotton).  This is not probably the 'right' way but it's what works for me!!!  

Before I start, though, let me tell you that when I do an edging like this I work a few repeats, then a corner and the first side.  After the first side you've then got the number of repeats so the rest is plain sailing!!!

OK attaching the edging.  First of all I make sure both the hanky and the edging are pressed and then I lie them out on the ironing board.  Forget blocking - it should only need pressing!!!!  I rarely ever block anything!!!

I use sewing pins to attach each side of each corner so that they're 'fixed' in place.  Then a pin at the middle of each side is put in.  Notice that these are just inside the hanky.  A few more pins will make sure that it stays while you sew it on.

I use a thread to match the picots of the tatting and then hook into each one and slide the thread through the fabric in between picots.  Job done!!!! 

All that's now needed is for me to check the web page, put in links and upload. 

7 January 2011

Odds and ends!

I've put a post on the TIAS blog today so please take a look over there.  

Look what Royal Fail brought me last week!!!  Yes one of the 'let's spoil Jane' friends has sent me more threads and beads too!!!  Thanks Sue Anna.  

I finished the hanky edging last evening and will sew it on later today, I hope!!!   Well it is raining so I've got an excuse to stay in!!  Then I'll photograph it and will put it on the page ready for the pattern site.  Shouldn't take too long to finish the page off - it's almost ready.

Yesterday I listed a penguin and a dolphin in my Etsy shop but they flew out half an hour later along with a seahorse!!!  Guess what I'll be working on later this evening - more critter bookmarks!!!  

OR I may start another hanky edging!!!!

Another on my 'to do' list is to make the chicken wing coaster, sorry, doily that Geraldine showed us.  Good excuse now I've got lots of lovely new threads to play with!!!  I'll add another page to the web site for that.  So many things to do that I'll never be able to find 'mischief' again!!!!!

STOP PRESS - 5 new pop a bobbin shuttles will be in the Etsy shop tomorrow (Saturday).  I'll post pictures in the morning on this blog and will 'launch' them at around our lunchtime!!!!

6 January 2011

Chicken wings

Remember Norman and his family from last year's TIAS who was followed (thanks to some prompting) by the chicken wing coaster?  Well I had a message last week from Geraldine.  

Now what surprises me is that with all this prompting and help I've suddenly realised I must've designed my first ever doily!!!!!!   I think I've been put off doilies for several reasons - firstly because there was little else to tat when I was a kid and secondly because I live in a house where doilies would be pointless!!!  Why?  Because of our clutter!!!!  So, this is what Geraldine had to say and what she's made.

"Just thought I'd show you what I have done with your chicken wings pattern, I had a thought (husband says these thoughts give him a headache) I wanted to see if it would work as you see it did. The one on the left I used braiding thread and on the right Altin Basak 50. I took just the top of chicken leg and added one double stitch to each of the side rings other wise no changes."
I'm gobsmacked.  Personally and between you and me there's only one word for what she's done - stunning.

5 January 2011

Introduction and practice piece for TIAS 2011

Good morning.  Here is the link to the introduction and practice piece for the TIAS 2011. 

All links will be at the top of the page (above the posts) as they are released.

Please do shout if you need any help with this.  I'll be around most of the day and for the duration of the game.
My thanks must go wholeheartedly to three special people for being 'there' and for the following reasons. Gina (tattinggoddess) who has tested the whole pattern (brave woman!), Riet (Bengelblog) who is gallantly translating the whole thing into Dutch for her tatting group and finally Ridgewoman who tested the practice piece out for me with even fewer pictures.  She always says she can't 'fathom' techniques very easily so this is why I asked her to try it ahead of the TIAS!!!  I'm pleased to report that she flew through it!!!

4 January 2011

An new edging and a pattern is finished!

I finally got the panda sorted and he's now living here!!!!

Also updated on the pattern site is the snowflake which Sharren made out of one of my very early patterns.   It's a stonking great addition to this very simple snowflake - thanks, Sharren.

I also got an edging started too.  I wanted a fast and easy edging for hankies.  This is what I came up with!!  The thread is one of the new Lizbeth ones - called Rainbow Taffy.  I used a plain ecru/cream colour with it too.

Does anybody want this pattern?  If so I'll get it up on the pattern page sooooon.

3 January 2011

Something to make me laugh!

There's one person I can always laugh at and that is - ME!!!

At the 'tender' age of 67 I also feel I'm allowed to do that!!!  So my references to being an OG (Old Git) and a daft old moo are actually true and make me laugh at the same time!!!  I also think I'm funny - not necessarily funny as in funny, funny but just odd funny!!!

So, on New Years Eve the following card arrived which made me nearly pee my aged pants laughing!!!  It was from Georgia.

I cannot go through life without a giggle - even during my 'four bad years' I had to laugh at myself.  The Queen had an annus horribilis - I had 'four bad years'.  Perhaps she should've sent for me to help her see the funny side of her bad year as my four were a LOT worse than hers!!!

Thank you Georgia and all those who laugh at me and along with me - without you I'd still be laughing but very sadly, alone.

1 January 2011

Happy New TIAS to you all!!!!

And, of course, a Happy New Year.

I've come to a decision.  The Tat It And See is going to start on January 12th.  

BUT there will be a practice piece before then which I'll give you on January 5th first.  This will give me time to help anybody who MAY need it with this teeeeeny tinnnyyyy technique.  

For newcomers it will also give you a hint of what is to come too.  Only a very, very small one, though!!!

31 December 2010

Another bookmark!!!

Yet another of the magnetic bookmarks!!!!  I'm taking time off now for a while - well, until I can't resist the urge to make more!!!

I've stiffened this one so it keeps it's shape a bit better.  He's now floating around looking very handsome in my shop.
Oh, I think the Tat It And See is nearly ready to go 'live'.  I have a friend working her way through it at the moment so I think I can fix the date.  Probably by tomorrow I'll have sorted that part out and any glitches she may have found too.  There are always 'glitches'!!!!

30 December 2010

Are you jealous?

Well as usual Royal Fail let me down before Christmas but has finally delivered the giveaway I won from Diane's blog.

The gift arrived (along with a flurry of Christmas cards some of which were posted locally on the 14th December) yesterday morning.  This is what I was expecting - the little pouch.  Just right for popping in a handbag or even inside a roly poly tat bag!!!
But this little pouch had a 'bulge' to it - rather like my body which bulges in places I'd rather not mention!!!

Inside was the following.  Some Sulky thread which is SO pretty, a ball of number 80 thread, a clippy thing (I use loads of those), an ezybob AND a shuttle.  I'm going to add pictures of 'just the shuttle' to show you how very, very pretty it is.  Thanks SO much, Diane, for running the giveaway and thank you to whoever the random generator or picker out of my name was too.  I'm a VERY happy OG.

29 December 2010


Now, today I want to talk about worms!

One of my secret passions is talking to worms but lately my worms haven't been very talkative.  In fact I've not seen a lot of them due to the extremely cold weather!!
It's true before anybody starts thinking I'm even more bonkers than you already thought.  I DO have worms and they live at the bottom of my garden.  See - you guys have fairies and I have WORMS.

They live in my compost maker and are very hard working little critters.

So now you're wondering why I'm telling you this.  Well, one lady who bought a bookmark off me wanted a 'hanging worm' rather than one that sits on top of the book.  So I re-did the stitch count on the original worm, added another split ring - oh, and some glittery thread and here is her worm. A glamorous, glittery worm and the total opposite of MY common or garden (actually compost) worms!!!!

28 December 2010

Black and White

Now while I'd got the black and white thread out for penguins I decided to 'have a go' at making a panda!!!

Quite a challenge as you can see!!!  

Sadly there are a few cuts and ties in this pattern for which I apologise - I don't DO those unless forced to.  I like my work to be in one 'hit' from start to finish!!!  I'll add the pattern to my pattern page as soon as I get the abbreviations sorted which is my 'unfavouritist' thing to do!!!!

Anyway, here he is both solo and also as a bookmark which was is an order from somebody I shared with as I was working on him.

27 December 2010

Total relaxation

This is what I do to relax!!!!  Make something I like making in colours I like too!!!!

I have slightly stiffened these so they keep their shape as the tails may straighten without.  Actually that's not true - I doubt very much that they would as I tat tightly and I've got several which have stayed 'as put' for years.  Anyway they are now listed so if you want a closer look you'll have to toddle off over here!!!! 

Update on Monday morning.  The green one has got the same built in secret wings that the penguins have!!! It's already flown out of the shop!!!!! 

24 December 2010

An expensive penguin!!!

Why am I showing you yet another penguin?   Well this is probably THE most expensive penguin in our neck of the woods and beyond!!!

Why?  Well to make him look presentable I had to go out in the snow and buy a new iron!!!! 

I got totally fed up with having to scramble down the passageway between our two houses (us and next door) with a stepladder to re-set the trip switch on the socket circuit.  Every time I did any ironing it would 'trip'.  OK now I'll be honest  I don't 'do' a lot of ironing - well, not of clothes, but I do like to lightly press my tatting sometimes and as I usually do that on the way to bed (ready to blog) you can imagine the cussing that went on when I had to go and sort the trip out in the cold and dark (and snow!!!).

So yesterday I reserved a new iron online at Argos and then trudged up there in the snow.  Oh, that was after slithering down the town, visiting an 'oldie' at the other side of town and then going home.  Argos is is situated in yet another direction so off I went again.  Well I guess it keeps an OG fit!!!!  Boy, the backs of my legs ache today!!

Over the weekend I'll be adding some more to the shop - I've got it in my head to make a seahorse or two and a dolphin.  You never know what else may appear too!!!!

Oh, this little guy is now here.

23 December 2010


Despite the ongoing 5" of snow and little traffic making it down our road, the threads that Sally and I ordered from Zig-Zag Corner arrived yesterday with 'Mr Misery' driving the Parcel Force van.  What can I say about them?  Well they are the Lizbeth threads and the new variagated colours too.  They are stupendous.  

I was given some thread called Autumn Spice and I found I kept on going back to the Ezbob which it was on to use it.  I was convinced it was one of the HDT range that I'd been sent so was totally gobsmacked when I looked it up to buy more and found it was Lizbeth.  The new colours seem to be much better to me as they  sort of 'bleed' into each other without any sudden changes.  At my age sudden changes aren't good for you or your health and temper!!!!
Also via a regular 'on the hoof' postie came my magnets and the beads I won on Ebay (see below).  The beads are Impex embroidery beads and are drop dead gorgeous.  Thank you, Sally, for pointing out this seller on Ebay.  

So here in a snowy UK there sits an OG with a BIG smile on her face.  There'll be no more talk of Royal Fail (I actually gave the postman a BIG hug - poor man looked terrified) until they let me down again!!!  Probably next week as the system doesn't appear to be working yet.

One final question though - how and why DO they manage to deliver bills like the huge one from the Inland Revenue and the house insurance company?  Is there a wicked plot going on?   If so then can somebody out there put a stop to it, please?

22 December 2010


Blogger problems sorted themselves out yesterday eventually and I put the 'tease' picture for the TIAS on there.  No need or reason to complain about a very, very good free service and one that keeps me out of mischief (that's blogger I'm talking about although it could also be said about the TIAS)!!!

Having now been blogging for a while (since May 2006, for crying out loud!!) I wonder what I'd do if I didn't blog?   It's become a part of my life like my morning bowl of porridge!!!  Through blogging I am stimulated by others blogs and by comments that are made on this one.  So much so that a chance remark about penguins set me off on another daft idea.  I'll show you once I'm totally happy with it - which I'm not yet!!!

So to my other daily grumble - Royal Fail!!!  Letters turned up yesterday finally.  A customs 'demand' for threads I've bought from America.  This is interesting as the invoice was raised on the 15th of December.  Even that's taken five days to get to me.  Other post is slowly drifting in but my three small packets (beads and more magnets) are still not here.  Do hope that Father Christmas isn't an employee of Royal Fail!!  I feel I'm due for my weekly trip to the local sorting office for a grumble although the five inches of snow may save them this week.  I don't 'do' grumbling or arguing very well as I can always see the other person's point of view even better than my own. 

Some really, really nice folks work at the sorting office and I can't speak to them because they are so good - I always 'demand' to speak to a manager.  Doesn't get me very far but at least I feel better for trying!!!!

21 December 2010

HOTP - or Hot Off The Phone!!!

http://tatitandsee.blogspot.com/This post is a little late this morning because I've been on the phone.  Bad news - I'll not be able to meet Jon Yusoff this morning because (very sensibly) they're skipping and missing our small town to go straight down towards Gatwick!!

Bummer as I was really looking forward to meeting her for a grand 'tatting natter'.  The snow here is still 4" deep and the roads are a bit scary from what I've seen from a careful 'stagger and slip' down the town yesterday.  Jon says the M1 is fine from the weather reports.  Next time you come to the UK, Jon, PLEASE don't come in the winter when it may snow!!  Please bring some of your local sunshine and a postman too - if you can find one!!!!
I'm going to share another diddly bit of the TIAS.  It's all done and dusted and floating about up on url's.  Not telling you anymore than that, though!!!!  Keep an eye on the TIAS blog for more news.

I'll be tormenting you more with this over the next few days/week!!!

So, ya, boo sucks to those who were guessing it was something to do with 'blue'!!!!  I changed colours on you!!!

20 December 2010

Well, penguins CAN fly!

Bet you all didn't know that!!!  It's a fact and I can prove it!!! 

I never ever list anything in the Etsy shop unless it's made and in my box ready to go but I decided that, as the penguin I showed you on Saturday's blog post got snapped up before it had even got into the shop that I'd make another!!!  

As the eejit that I am I decided to use the photos I'd taken of number one penguin and list those in the store.  Then I toddled off downstairs to make a replacement 'just in case'!!! 

I'd only just got the centre done and whooops and yipppeeeee the little beggar got snapped up before birth - in the womb, in fact.  That kept me busy.  SO that proves that penguins can fly - out of my shop!!!! 

Also gave me another idea so I worked on that yesterday evening.  Hope to show you sometime soon.

As for Royal Fail - you've not heard me grizzle about them for ages.  They are still failing us dismally and we've not had any post since Thursday now.  It's very, very localised from what I can gather having had another 'I want to see the manager' stint at the local sorting office.  Still awaiting magnets and some beads I won in Ebay and those were sent via first class mail well over a week ago!!!  OK, so Royal Fail are putting the cost of a first class stamp up soon but you won't catch this OG buying one - I'll stick to second class, thanks!!!! 

18 December 2010

Last two for now!!!

I'm going to have to tear myself away from these magnets - they're magnetising me into making more and more!!!  Today I MUST get back to the TIAS again.  

When working on a big project I have to put it aside from time to time because 
a)  I fall out with it!!!
b)  I need to 'forget' it for a week or so before going back to it fresh.
c)  The OG gets distracted by things such as magnets!!!

These two will go into my shop later today.  I'm finding they  disappear pretty quickly and also I've got more ideas brewing too!!! 

17 December 2010

Heart and butterfly

Once I get a bee in my bonnet I can't get rid of it!!  Anybody got a shotgun?!?!?  Can't stand that buzzzzzzing!

Seriously I'm delighted with the interest shown in this magnet idea as I know it works so well.  It's the first time I've ever had a bookmark that really does it's job - even when I drop the book!!!

So yesterday I got settled in tat corner really early and managed to finish off an orange butterfly that I started on Wednesday, before making the heart (also below).  The heart pattern is one of my own which I 'doctored'!!!!  This morning I saw a comment on yesterday's blog from Ridgewoman which made me smile as I seem to have got to be one jump ahead of her!!!  Here's her comment!

"You LOVE making these; so why not each holiday, have a theme? Heart for Feb. Leprechaun or clover for St. Patrick's, firecracker or shooting star for July 4 (here across the pond) and so forth…How bout Initials? Then, they'd really be personalized."

Also when I woke up this morning I wondered what a penguin bookmark would look like!!  Anybody think that's a good idea or has brain cell 3 'lost the plot'?

16 December 2010

Yet another pheewwww day!!!

A busy day AGAIN yesterday with Silver Surfers in the morning followed by the volunteer's Christmas 'get together'.  

I was asked by our gallant leader to take some of my Winsome Drop earrings and the magnetic bookmarks to show her - which I did!!!  I came home with a few less!!

Why am I telling you?  Well amongst the things she bought were the larger magnetic butterfly bookmarks so I came home with just one to list!! So towards the end of the afternoon I managed to get the 'remains' listed here!!!  Then I woke up this morning to find that 2 had already flown the 'nest'.  No, that's wrong - butterflies don't 'live' in nests but  you know what I mean!!!

I did finish off another of the larger ones last night (see below) and will put it in the shop either later today or tomorrow.  They are slightly more expensive because they do take a lot more time.  I'm also going to do a few along this line but with hearts dangling - more suggestions always welcome!!  If you ever see anything you want in the store but want it in another colour then do drop me a line.  There is a 'conversation' facility there or you could just send a message to the 'mad old bat in the UK'.

A bit of news about the TIAS.  It's still progressing but slowly!!!

15 December 2010

Phewwww, what a day!!!

I'm talking about yesterday!!!  Instead of bragging about what I've got listed in the Etsy shop I'm going to tell you about what I haven't got!!!  What do they call that?  Hmmmm, negative thinking?  No, that's not it.   Ah, probably being awkward - as usual!!!!  Actually there is just one poor, lonely, hookless Pop a Bobbin still left needing a new home!

The shuttles just flew out.  I hardly had time for my lunch.  It's quite a task when things happen that quickly - well, it is for an OG.  Needs concentration getting the right things in the right packets etc and then I have to fill in a spreadsheet to keep a track of Etsy and Paypal charges'.  When I've finally got that sorted I send Sally and 'im in the garage the money to go towards more wood etc!!!

Interestingly I sold both of the last magnetic bookmarks which were in the shop too.  I do have several more (5 or 6) but haven't listed those yet as I'm taking them to show the lass who organises us volunteers for Silver Surfers.  We're having our Christmas lunch today after the teaching session at the library.  I'll list any that don't sell in the shop on Thursday.  

Oh, for those who don't know (and I bet you dooooo) there is now an option to list your items in other currencies.  I nearly changed mine to GBP but decided I now work better in USD!!!!  Strange woman that I am!!!!  Another change I noticed was that when you go to Etsy without being signed in you're given the option to view in another currency.  Clever lot those guys and gals who run that online store.

14 December 2010

More shuttles

Yesterday I put an extra 'bit' onto my blog post in the early evening.

The reason was because I wanted to let everybody know that I had spent the whole afternoon photographing, sorting and listing shuttles here.

This time 'im in the garage has excelled himself and a variety are going 'live' shortly after I've posted this piece.  

I must apologise for the short warning on these but I wanted to get them listed so that anybody in the UK and who doesn't use Royal Fail will be able to buy and receive them for Christmas.  

They MAY even get to the USA in time too but I'm not going to hold my breath on that!!!  Here are some of the newbies in the shop.

13 December 2010


Not a real emergency but just a post to let people know that I'll be listing more shuttles in the Etsy shop tomorrow morning - hopefully just after my regular blog post!!!  There will be a few pop a bobbins with hooks and lots without.  Post shuttles of various sizes too!!!  Large, medium and ornery!!!

The reason for this last minute warning is because some may just reach their destinations before Christmas!!!

I do wish you all lived close by where I live then you could ALL come round for a cuppa tea and see the new shuttles in 'real life'.  I haven't got a scan or photo of them yet myself (although they are here in a box by my side) so you'll have to have a look at them on Sally's blog here. 

I'm hoping to get them listed by the middle of the week so keep your fingers crossed - I'll give you a 24 hour 'warning' on when and the time!!!  There's a huge variety this time of small, medium and large shuttles with post and regular pop a bobbins too.  Also I noticed there are Pop a bobbins with no hooks as well.  I think 'im in the garage has had fun and excelled himself.   They're gonna take some sorting, but heck - that'll keep me quiet for a few hours!!!
Just going to show you what I get up to when I've fallen out with the TIAS!!!  I'm going to start listing these in Etsy towards the end of the week - if I've got any left.  I'm finding they're selling amongst friends and aquaintances very well.  There are only three here but I scanned them twice so you could the butterflies without having to stand on your head!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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